12 Hour Shift Schedule Template Sample

12 hour shift schedule template and the advantages of using that system

12 hour shift schedule template is widely used in many companies. It has so many benefits compared with other hour shifts. Companies need constant coverage with limited number of the worker. So they run these shift plans to make sure the employee work efficiently and effectively with their schedule. No wonder, small companies, and big companies are still using this scheme.

Advantages of 12 hour shift schedule.

As mentioned before, this shift plan is used to make sure the employee gets squeezed to work every week. There is a condition that forces the company to run this schedule, like the limited number of the worker while the coverage needs to be fulfilled and more productivity.

More Coverage

12-hour shift covers more day and time than the 8-hour shift or the 10-days shift. It means, with only using the few workers, you could save up to 25% coverage. Instead of 4 persons that cover all the time, only three persons are needed. In the long run, it’s easier to manage fewer people. It also keeps the companies expenditure low.

More Productivity

With this 12 hour shift schedule template, one worker has more work time. It means that they could do more jobs. Whilst the 10-hour shift and the 8-hour shift means that the time span of the worker is reduced. Although the overall productivity doesn’t affect much, talking about efficiency, it’s better to apply the twelve hours shift.

Ability to fit the schedule to everyday life

The employee might also prefer the twelve-hour shift schedule. They could pack more jobs in just one day. if the shifts are taken consecutively, there will also be more days off. Although the overall free time might not differ much. For the employee it also means less time spent on commuting from the home into the office. The worker will spend less expense for transportation. For two consecutive shifts, the worker will only need to go once. If the worker transport by public transport, it means less expenditure on the ticket. Or if the worker goes with a personal vehicle, it means less spending on buying gases.

But this system also has a drawback. If the worker might get exhausted from the continuation of working. It needs more stamina to run consecutive work. For the new worker it might be stressful to work this overly long time shift. It means this type of shift might be suitable for the senior worker. It might be also suitable for less stressful job.

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Take into consideration before forcing the worker to work with this shift plan. 12 hour shift schedule template can be used to take into consideration whether this shift plan suits the company well.

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