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You certainly need a professional lease invoice for your business. It will be an essential source of information for the company because it is proof of valid transactions. Some information in this article will help you to make the right invoice.



lease invoice is a simple document that will be submitted to or sent to tenants (single, multi-family, or business leasing). This will be done after the payment for the rental. The property owner or manager receive Their property. Giving an invoice can be done immediately when the transaction is agreed upon.


The property manager or owner must keep a copy of all documents to ensure proper payment records. Besides, invoices are also very useful for customers as proof of transactions. It can also be claimed by both parties when there is an error after a purchase has occurred or when you have incorrect information.


How To Make A Good Invoice Lease

There are several steps you need to follow to make a proper lease invoice. It will be fast and straightforward when you do it right. Some steps include:

  1. Write down rental information

You need to state where the bill is from so that you will need information. Such as Owner or Property Manager’s name, company name (if applicable), street address, city, country, Postal code, and telephone number.


  1. To whom the invoice is paid

The information must also be clear so that it should include the name of the Principal Tenant. company name (if any), street address, city, country, zip code, and telephone number


  1. Include Invoice Information

You need to provide information such as Send billing document number, Billing date in bb/hh/ yyyy format, and due date (payment date received) in bb/hh/ yyyy form.


  1. Write down Property and Rental Information

This is very important because the Property Manager or Owner must read the terms of the statement. Send the day in the rental month that is due and provide an additional percentage per month that the tenant should expect for late payment of rent.


  1. Payment Information

You need to investigate with the property manager or owner regarding other forms of lease payments.


The Right Way To Receive Payments From Lease Invoices

  1. Credit or Debit Card

If the tenant, manager, or homeowner will be interested in using bank transfer for their lease payment method, then that can be done by including an account for the payment.


  1. Interbank money transfers

If the tenant, manager or homeowner is interested in using bank transfer for their lease payment method, then provide a name on the bank account, street address, bank name, accounting number, routing number, and account type.


  1. PayPal Options

If the tenant prefers to pay their bills using their PayPal account, (and management or the owner agrees). They must provide an email address that directly connected to the PayPal account.

Templates home lease invoice ExampleTemplates vehicle lease invoice ExampleTemplates commercial lease invoice Example

Lease invoices become essential documents when you transact. When you choose to use a template, you can change the name of the tenant, bill, and payment. Make sure there are no writing errors in the model for a smooth transaction.


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