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How to Create the Perfect 24 Hour Schedule for the Employee

Creating 24 hour schedule is not an easy job. There are so many things that have to be considered. There are many conflicts could be happening upon the scheduling. Even though the Human Resources Department has thought that the schedule is good, the executive might think otherwise. Some employees are also having limited time because they might also study in college or have to take another job. Some compromises have to be made to meet the shift plan that could get the job done while maintaining the budget and time-efficient.

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How to create the shift plan

To create a shift plan, there are many involved parties to be considered. They are the executives, the Human Resources department, and the employee itself. The schedule also has to meet the regulation of employment made by the government. Even though the employee agrees to work overtime that violates the regulation, the risk is not worth it. Fine that has to be paid is enormous. More than that, the public might have a bad perception of the company. So, it’s also important to create the shift plan appropriate to the regulation.

Know the Workload

Before deciding the team, make sure the work goal is set. Then, the job to actualize the goal is formulated. To make the schedule, it’s important to know the time of the job and the job description. Then the workday is also decided. Whether 24 hour schedule, 12-hour schedule, or 10-hour schedule. From that information, it could be divided the shift time and whether a rolling system is needed.

Know the Work Team

It’s important to divide the worker into its structure. The manager and supervisor have to be responsible for the employee’s job. So every work shift, the manager and the supervisor have to take control of the employee. Another important thing is to know the employee’s characteristics and strengths. It’s recommended to spread the senior and the expert evenly in every shift. They could help the junior to solve the problem in the field.

Keep Being Friendly and Good Communication

Communication is the key to keep the schedule running. Make sure all the employees, the supervisor or the manager agree and capable to work upon the schedule. If an employee demands substitution in the shift, communicate it in a good way. Making a friendly atmosphere in the work is important to keep their motivation in good shape. As a result, productivity could be cranked up.

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Sometimes, creating a schedule is a process of trial and error. So, even after running the schedule, make sure the 24 hour schedule is quite flexible to accommodate some changes.