8 newborn schedule templates printable

8 Newborn Schedule Templates to Keep the Baby Healthy and Grow Well

After giving birth, 8 newborn schedule template is needed to keep the baby healthy and good. There are many things that have to be fulfilled. The baby depends on mom and the schedule so that the cute little angel could get off from disease, growth disturbance, and other problems. To make sure they are getting proper care and treatment, a meticulous schedule is required. The schedule could be applied until the baby is eight months old.

Newborn Checkup Schedule


How to make the schedule

It’s important to keep note that the schedule doesn’t mean to be applied strictly. There might be a change that has to be made. The cute little angel is still a baby and it’s very hard to communicate with. So, if you expect to sleep or eat, they could not really be forced to. But vaccinate and checkup is must. It’s for the sake of the baby’s health.

Breastfeeding Schedule

Breastfeeding is important for the newborn. It’s the source of nutrition for the baby to grow well. Baby could breastfeed for five times a day, or even more. The breastfeeding schedule is divided into the morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and dinner. Keeping the baby well-fed is important so that the baby has enough energy for their immune system. Baby is usually prone to many diseases like fever and diarrhea.

Baby Sleep Schedule

A baby usually has irregular sleeping schedule. The 8 newborn schedule template will change as the baby grows older. But as they get older, they will sleep less in the daytime and have longer nighttime sleep. As the little angel is growing older, sleep time will also go down over time. A newborn baby sleeps around 16 hours a day. The sleeping cycle lasts about 40 minutes. Baby will start to sleep according to the day and night sleep pattern at the age of two or three months.

Eight-month baby vaccination

Baby is prone to many diseases. Their immune system is still developing. Your baby needs the first injection at the age of eight months old. In some countries, baby vaccination is free. At the age of eight-month, the baby could get several injections of vaccines. There are 6 in 1 vaccine, PCV or pneumococcal vaccine, RV or rotavirus vaccine, and MenB vaccine.

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Besides vaccination, the baby also needs checkup. It’s better to know whether at the weak state the baby has an illness as early as possible. It’s better to treat the little angel early before the disease is getting worse. 8 newborn schedule template will reduce the risk of your baby to get disease.

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