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In this era, as long as supply and demand keep on flowing, a business will always need an invoice. To make sure you can make the best invoice for you, you need to know a good sample general invoice.



Making an invoice for your business is rather easy nowadays. The internet and digital technology made sure of that. If you need to do is find a sample general invoice template and follow what needs to put on it. But what is an invoice? An invoice is a document that includes goods or services conducted by a business to its clients. An invoice shows an obligation to the customer that they need to pay for the goods or services.


What are the contents of an invoice?

The details of a sample general invoice contents may vary from each business, but the point is still the same. The main parts of a general invoice are as follows.

  1. Your business information

An invoice acts as a record and can also act as your business identity. That is why you need to include business information on your invoice.


  1. Client’s information

Sometimes you need to get in contact with the client. Having their contact information is a helpful thing.


  1. Line of items

These items can be products or services. Each of the products or services has to be specified in the invoice.


  1. Cost of each product or service

Cost transparency of each product or service delivered is also an important thing in your relationship with the client.


  1. The total due to payment

The total payment is one of the most important things because the amount on it is what the client is going to pay to you.


  1. Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of the transaction and payment need to be discussed with the client first. That discussion result goes in this part.


  1. Signature area

The signature of the person approving the purchase is quite important.

These are typically the contents of a sample general invoice. Each business may include varieties of other inquiries such as return policies, disclaimers, and so on. You need to make sure your invoice can accommodate some differences should there be any. Customizing your general invoice can be great for your business. Sometimes the client may request a particular form of payment. If your invoice can accommodate such a thing. Then it would be a wonderful thing to the client and just maybe something to encourage the client to return to your business.

Templates general invoice format Example Templates Printable General Invoice Example Templates general contractor invoice Example

To make a good general invoice, you need to find a good sample general invoice. A good sample or template can give you a lot of room for improving the invoice without cutting out the important things. While customizing can make your invoice looks very professional, cutting out one or two important parts is never okay. Make sure the sample or template you use is compatible with your business. So you do not panic when there is something less or missing in your invoice.



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