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Learning The Affidavit Example Document

Affidavit essentially is the sworn written fact and statement of the people that statement is true under the oath of the court of law. The affidavit is categorized as the voluntary action and used as the evidence in court hearings in the specific case. If you need to know more about the affidavit example document just read the explanation about the affidavit in this article

wpdm affidavit form


The Making and Function of Affidavit

The affidavit is commonly making by the adult over the age of 18 and below it with the family court proceeding case that must create and signed in front of the witness also the notary or legal staff. The affidavit is used to verify the fact such as the to notify the third party of the change circumstance, personal identity, receipt of the official document, formal statement and the claim of ownership of assets. Find out more about the affidavit example document in the information down below.

Formatting The Affidavit Document

1)    Complete the basic information

Creating an affidavit example document you must fulfil the information as the basic writing in this document. The information including the name, address, signature and the statement of facts. Furthermore, the document also included the court information and the signature of a public notary or the sworn commissioner.

affidavit form


2)    Write it in The Better Structure

The next step is writing the fact in the better structure that starts with deciding the title of your affidavit that include personal information of the maker. After that writing the opening sentence of the affidavit example statement in the first person tense. The last you must do is make the outline of the information that you have that state the fact of your case.

affidavit form


The Variant of Affidavit

1)    Residence and Estate Affidavit

Mostly the affidavit example case is using to verify the residence of some person and settling the estate include its assets left behind. For creating it the affidavit document need the sign of the person that responds for distributing the estate and asset. These document also nee the legal proving residence information and tax details of the estate also the asset.

affidavit form

2)    Heirship Affidavit

The affidavit example purpose document is used after the death of a person either family member or relatives. This document used to assert the legal right of the assets left behind by the deceased one. In the document, the signer must swear that they are the legal heir of the deceased with all the consequence included.

affidavit form


How To Make Legal Affidavit and The Implication

1)    The Procedure To Make Legal Affidavit

The affidavit can be legal if it’s notarized and witnessed by the legal official and the maker. The affidavit example term is cannot contain invalid information and the signer is subjected to legal penalties if broke its own statement in the document. The document of this affidavit is included court officials, lawyers-paralegals, staff certain banks, and public notary.

affidavit form

2)    The Legal Consequence of Affidavit

The person making and signing the affidavit example legal document is equal as the oath in the court of law. Furthermore, provide false information or indicate lying in this document will be categorized as the crime that punishable by the law. The punishment may include community service, jail, and depending on the state law.

affidavit form

Affidavit example document often used in the court proceeding and government agencies as the guide to the specific case. The court always accepts the affidavit that written, witnessed and notarized. Before making the affidavit always check the truth of the content and rule of court requirement in the writing.


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