An Independent Contractor Invoice


Invoice is a bill necessary to notify the customer about the payment they should make, with the detail description in it. Not only the official job that requires an invoice, but many independent jobs need invoice too. So, lets’ talk about independent contractor invoice.



The important task of independent contractors is billing time and trackers. So, building a clear and simple independent contractor invoice is necessary. Whatever the billing method you choose, your invoice should show a professional invoice. An independent contractor invoice is a document that consist of the detail jobs of all contractors did by providing any provided services. Such as architect, gardener, and so on with the itemizing description.


In general, the freelancer invoice serves a professional bill for clients of all services performed. The standard form of this invoice is consist of the complete contact information of both clients and contractors. The detail of job performed (many hours spent) the total payment and its due date, and the payment term and conditions as the penalties late payment.


Guidelines to Develop An Independent Contractor Invoice

After knowing some introduction information about the independent contractor invoice and other freelance job, lets’ follow bellows’ guidance about to create a clear independent job invoice.

  1. Establishing billing policy

Certainly, develop your invoice, you should certainly determine the billing policy, such as fee per specific time, rates, the timing of invoice (weekly, monthly, etc.), billing method, payment time, the and lateness fee, and so on. This billing policy is to avoid some misunderstanding and unsatisfied parties when the payment time is due.


  1. Track your time

Keep you are accurate and up-to-date, please directly record your time after did your job. You can use any electronic tools such as smartphone, personal computer, or a small notebook to record your daily performed job.


  1. Include the necessary information

We usually know, that invoice standard form consists of the clients, contractor names, and number. The invoice date and number, billing period, the detailed description of the job performed, the total payment amount, and due date.


  1. Billing process

Those preparation steps are finished, now you can start to make your professional invoice. You can freely download the template on the websites or manually developed by using Ms. Excel or Words. These both ways are cheap and no time-consuming. You need a few seconds to make it ready to use. Don’t forget to use the professional fonts and do not put too much color in it. Recheck it before sent, to avoid any careless mistake and increase your clients’ trust.


You can develop your independent contractor invoice as an example of a freelance job. Don’t be fixed with the guidelines above. You can make your improvement and other creations. The most important is, both you and your clients have trust and correct calculation and payment. So, don’t hesitate to try. These guidelines can be the initial step to develop your independent professional invoice.




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