Annual maintenance schedule template printable

Taking Care Your Lovely Tools

Things that we have, can not always be fixed, sometimes we have to do the maintenance and service at least every year to make them last longer. Maintenance is not only for the things or household, but it can also be for the business, our body, and something like that. But annual maintenance is usually applied for some specific place, equipment, or tools that we have. To control the schedule, we better make annual maintenance schedule template in order to control the things that we need to repair and also the money that we have spent for it. It will also be a reminder for us before we take another maintenance, maybe we feel like we want to give the service for it but the truth is we just did it a few months ago. It is also important to make the schedule so we can control the expenses for the tools. When we have made an annual maintenance schedule template, it will give us the ability to decide the best time to sell it again and get the new one. By selling it again and if we want to get a new one, it will not make us have “the rubbish” of the equipment.

Annual Maintenance Schedule Format

Some formats that we can put in the annual maintenance schedule template are “when we bought the item”, “the price of it”, “date of the maintenance”, “list of the months”, “name of it”, and “the things that have been fixed”. You can write it down on the paper or you can type in the computer then print it out then stick it in the wall so you can see and control it clearly. Do not forget to write the advice from the person who does the maintenance so we can know which part we should take care more. Some people probably do not really pay attention to this kind of thing, but it is better if we give more attention to our things so they will “take care” of us too by being last longer than those things that are not made its annual schedule. Just because we really take care of the things that we have it does not mean we are “too much” for it. When we give the best for the things that we have, we will get the best from them too. Just because it is a dead thing, it does not mean they cannot feel how we treated them, it is just a law nature.

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