APA format template Sample

The Basic Guide For Using APA format template in Your Documents

APA format template is very useful for you who want to write the documents or reports. APA comes from the American Psychological Association. This format is known as one of the most famous writing formats used in many institutions, school, and college. It also used in some academic documents, such as journal articles and lecture book. This writing guide was developed to increase the comprehension of social and behavioral science.

Tips and Guide to Write a Document in APA Format

Template  will give clearer means and communication for the readers. It also makes sure the biased meaning in the documents will be lower than others. There is plenty of guide to writing a document in APA format. Here we have some easy tips and guide to write a document with that format:

1. The Basic Fundamentals

A research paper which uses APA format template might look slightly different. The differences depend on the aim of those documents. It can be seen by the style composition, term, and creative writing in those documents.

2. The Title Page

The title page is the first line or page of research. Based on APA format template, it will be followed by the content and sections of those research. The title’s documents also known as running head. You need to ensure that it is quite short or less than 50 characters. The title also should has clear and non-ambiguous meaning.

3. The Abstract Section

The abstract is quite important because it will provide information about your research documents in a shorter form. It also includes the variable and other details that you have written in it. When you write an abstract, you need to write some necessary details about research results along with the recent hypothesis, introduction, etc.

4. Introduction and Method

The introduction section contains an overview of the study. It should be written at the beginning of the research paper and provided by some necessary details. You need to the introduction part clearly and explicit. Adding some literature quotation will make the logical ideas of study clearer.

The method is the part which the readers will comprehend the research idea in numeric. In this section mainly focused on the practical application which elaborated with the current hypothesis. It also includes the main procedure of the study.

5. Result and Discussion

Result in the section which the hypothesis is proven. It determines the outcomes of the study. This section should have proper statistic details about the research data. The data also should well presented and connected with the hypothesis.

The section of discussion is where you can explain your opinion, either it not support or support the hypothesis. It also shows the similarities or differences in your research with the current study. This part also includes both limitation and explanation of your research.


This is the last part of your paper. It also should be written in APA format. The references part should be in alphabetical order. Based on APA guide for references, you need to write authors name first, then followed with the year, the title of research, the title of the journal, volume, and the number of the pages.

That is all about the APA format template complete writing guide by us. We hope our guide will be helpful for you who want to write your document in APA format.


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