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For the thesis, the paper is the results of a summary that reflects what has been learned during the lecture, while the journal is a particular article that contains specific fields of science. The two writings, of course, must be written with a writing style that can be accepted by the reader.

One of the most acceptable styles of writing and also most used for academic writing is APA format style. APA is the abbreviation of the American Psychological Association which is famous for being used for scholarly books and articles. It is also an acceptable style in America. If you are in the process of writing an academic essay, Apa format should be considered as your writing style.

There are other styles of writing, but Apa format should be your choice when you do your paper. Apa format can help you in analyzing your findings. It also is the kind of style which aid elaborating the details of your research.

To be able to get the best result of your writing, understanding and learning the guidelines of Apa format should be done regularly before starting the paper. One of the best way to discover it is by searching the Apa format template available online. By looking at the model while reading the explanation, it helps you to understand the style easier than only reading the description.

Understanding the basic of writing citation in APA format

Out of the academic writing section, a citation is one of the vital things that should get attention. It indicates that you are being respectful towards the original author and avoid being accused as plagiarism. Here are the steps:

  1. First of all, when you are writing the reference page, it does not need a number in the citation. The first line of the reference page should be written according to the margin. While the second line should be written in the indentation.
  2. Everything written in the reference page must accord with the alphabet such as the name of the authors. Meanwhile for the authors in one quote only need to be sorted by their works.
  3. Title books, articles, journal, or any other academics writing that are used as a reference, and the first alphabet must be capitalization as well as the authors’ name.
  4. In the APA format, the last name of the author must be placed in front and then followed by their last name. Between the last and first name, there is coma to separate them. In case the author is more than three, you need to write all of them in the reference page and author, et al. in the citation of your writing.
  5. Last but not least, when you write the title of significant work such as books and journals, you need to italic or underline the title. Meanwhile, if it is only part of the book, do not need to do so.

Apa format is usually used for academic writing such as thesis and journal. To understand the rules and guidelines, you need to study the APA format template while reading the explanation before starting to write.


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