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Amazing Idea for Teacher to use Attendance Sheet

Whether you are a teacher of the kindergarten, school, college, or workshop, you need to have an attendance sheet for your students. It is important to help you to tracks of your student’s attendance. This sheet also will provide you the attendance habits of your students. As a good teacher, you need to pay attention carefully to the student’s attendance habits, that because these habits will affect both the student’s learning process and grades. Most of the teacher nowadays, also use the attendance sheet to help them giving rewards for the student.

The idea to Use The Sheet of Attendance

Attendance sheet is must have a thing for any teacher. It does not only help the teacher to manage the attendance and absent of students, but it also can increase the environment of learning. Here we have some idea to use it to make your students learning process run successfully:

1. Rewarding Metodh by The Attendance

The students love the prize and rewards, that is why the rewarding method is pretty effective to increase their interest or spirit for study. The students will respond to the rewards by attending class earlier than before. You can give the reward for the ones who make the best effort for attending the class early. The reward can be candy, simple treats, chocolate, books, or stationary.

2. Make a Monthly or Weekly Rewards

Before you give the students a reward for their attendance, you need to make an overview of it. So gather all your attendance report and write it down in a table. It will help you to compare and make the overview easily. The overview can be held weekly or monthly, depends on your situation. Then you can pick one or more students that deserve the title of “Most Perfect Attendance”.

3. Add Other Categories

Beside the “Most Perfect Attendance”, you also can add a new category called by “Most Improved Attendance”. The aim of this category is to appreciate the student’s effort who had to improve their attendance. Even those student does not deserve to be a “Perfect Attendance” at least they had made an improvement to wake up and attends the school earlier than last month or week.

4. Make The Annual or Semester Reward

The rewarding process is not stopped at the end of the month, but you need to overview the attendance sheet for each month. This is important to decide who is the students that deserve to be the “Most Intelligent Student of The Year”. Then you can reward he or she a printed certificate about it. It will increase the spirit of attending the class for all students.

There are many ideas for using the attendance sheet to improve your student’s interest in studying. But we hope four tips above is enough for you who wants to start applying the rewarding method using the sheet of attendance.


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