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Award Templates and Some Elements Inside It

In business matter, award is one of the special things, which will pleasant the employees. Yes, award is an example of the great way to appreciate the good behavior, set the industry standard or recognize the excellent work in many fields. We are sure that someone got award will have their second spirit and their ability could be increased well. In giving the award, maybe you will need the award templates.

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Some Functions of Awards

Before talking more about the detail of award templates, we need to know some functions of the award. Yes, by knowing some functions of the awards, you could know why this matter is important to be given. There are several functions of the awards to give, especially for the boss to their employee. The functions of it are:

  • To appreciate the works of team
  • To show a harmony inside the company
  • To pleasure the employee
  • As a stimulate to increase the spirit of employee
  • To manage the well condition of the team

award certificate sample

Kinds of Awards to Give

Of course, there are many kinds of awards –with the different reasons, to give. As we have read some kinds of its function in previous points, we all know that award is important in order to increase the psychological matter of people, or especially employee.

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Another good matter about the award is the kinds of it and the time when to give it. Here, we will talk about best time to give the awards, which maybe could inspire you.

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  • Team awards for project-specific goals

The team will work based on the target. Giving target for a team is also important in order to get the well performance. Here, when the team could finish the target well, giving the award could be the nice matter. It could be the stimulant for them to keep the well performance.

  • Awards for improved performance

Having employees with the high spirit in working is kind of special thing. Here, when you as the supervisor finding your employee shows improved performance, giving award is a thing you need to give. Yes, it is a nice matter, which will make them happy and I am sure the spirit of them will be increased well day by day.

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  • Awards for training

Training is an important step before facing the real world. Here, giving the award for the training matter could be a nice thing to do. It is also an appreciation. By giving the award, employee will be more ready to welcome their new jobs.

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Categories of Awards for Kids

Kids is the people that need awards in order to increase their ability or spirit in learning something. In talking about the awards of kids, there are some categories which could be inspiration in making good award templates. Some kinds of those categories are:

  • Awesome attitude
  • Most enthusiastic
  • Tidy desk award
  • Tidy chubby award
  • Most generous
  • Great smile
  • Most crafty
  • Great style
  • Hard worker
  • Super reader
  • Great listener
  • Great memory
  • Homework hero
  • Class helper

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Well, that is all about the writing of awards. For the award templates, you may do online and get the best templates for better saying,

award templates will help you to have the well way in saying appreciation. The award is important and it delivers special and good psychological effect.

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