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Using a baby schedule template or diary is really significant to monitor the health of your precious baby. You should take your baby schedule with you wherever you are going, such as when you are going to your baby check-ups routine and many other activities. Below are some benefits of creating baby schedule for your babies:

EASY Schedule Cheat Sheet


Keep track of your baby feeding times and the amount

Clearly when you are making baby schedule template is to note your babies’ activities and for how long they do it. The baby feeding schedule will be able to tell you when you feed your baby and for how long you do it and how many ounces your baby is fed. When you are bottle feeding your baby, you should take note how many ounces your baby drinks every time you bottle feed him. Then you should write it down on your baby schedule template. This method also should be done when you breastfeed your baby.

Keep track of your baby’s sleep schedule 

You should create baby schedule template that lists the times on it, so you can track your baby’s sleeping schedule easily and accurately. You could just adding an X when your child is sleeping or you could draw an arrow to tell the start of the sleeping time and when the babies has woken up. If your baby’s schedule doesn’t have columns for sleeping indicator, you could write it down on the comments fields to show the start time and for how long your baby is asleep.

Feeding your baby


Keep track of your baby wet and dirty diaper

This baby schedule template is important to keep track of your baby wet and dirty diaper. From this schedule you could make sure that your baby is getting enough milk and they are not dehydrated. Moreover, your primary pediatrician sometimes will ask you how many wet and dirty diapers of your newborn every day at most when your newborn appointments.

To keep track of your baby medicine

This baby schedule template could also function to record your baby’s medicine when your baby needs medicine. It could note when the medicine and given and how much it is being given. If your baby schedule does not have the column you could write it down in the comment section or you could make a new column using baby schedule template.


In sum, there are some benefits from creating baby schedule. It could keep track of baby feeding schedule, baby sleeping schedule, and also to keep track of your baby medicine. You could create baby schedule template manually on your own or you could download it online.


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