Baseball Score Sheet

Baseball Score Sheet and Some Important Matters Inside It

When you are in professional baseball match and you need to keep the official score of the game, here the baseball score sheet is needed. Yes, this printable sheet will help you to keep the track of the score of the game that you are watching.

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The sheet itself needs to be printed twice. Here, each sheet is used for a team. Then, the sheet also will give you enough space. The space will be useful in order to keep every play and every substitution inside the game.

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The Batting Page

In talking about the detail of baseball score sheet, you need to see about the batting page first. For the batting page, you will see three groups of columns there. The three groups are the lineup, the game log and the totals.

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The first is filled up by writing down the line up. It is important for you to pay more attention about the detail of the team. Here, you also need to see the number and the fielding position. Of course, the two teams should be your focus.

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Then, for the game itself, the second column consists of at least nine columns. However, when there is too much data to write, you may add some new columns there.

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The third matter is the game log. For the game log, there are some kinds of abbreviations, which you need to know. The abbreviations to look about this matter are:

  • 2B or two lines below home plate – double
  • 3B or three lines below home plate – triple
  • HR – home run
  • BB – base on balls
  • E (number) – reached by error by (position)
  • F (number) – field out to (position)
  • FC – fielder’s choice
  • FO (number) – fouled out to (position)
  • IF – infield fly called
  • HBP – hit by pitch
  • K – strikeout
  • Reversed K – struck out looking
  • SF – sacrifice fly
  • SB – sacrifice bunt
  • CS – caught stealing
  • StB – stolen base

Besides the abbreviations above, you also need to know the numbering system of the position in the fields. Those numbers are:

  • Number 1 – pitcher
  • Number 2 – catcher
  • Number 3 – first base
  • Number 4 – second base
  • Number 5 – third base
  • Number 6 – short stop
  • Number 7 – left field
  • Number 8 – center field
  • Number 9 – right field

When you play with more than 9 players, you could give an extra infielder starting outfield at number 8.

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Pitch Tracking Page

Another important matter inside the detail of baseball score sheet is the pitch tracking page. This matter is important in order to write detail information about the match. In this matter, there are also some abbreviations, which you need to know. Those kinds of the abbreviations are:

  • SAC – sacrifice bunt or hit
  • PK – pick off
  • K – strike out
  • HP or HBP – hitch by pitch
  • H – hit (or it could use 1B, 2 B, 3B or HR for each level of the base hit)
  • ER – earned run
  • E (number) – error (by position)
  • CS – caught stealing
  • BB – base on balls (walk)

Well, that is all we may do about the baseball score sheet. Of course, there are many other matters, which you need to learn. For the example of it, please do online and get some exact examples of it.

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baseball score sheet is an important matter during the match. Of course, there are some rules inside the sheet, which you need to know and to learn before.

baseball scoresheet baseball scoring sheet

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