Bill of Lading Template

Bill of Lading Template and What’s Use of the Bill for All Existing Business Owners

When you are running business, you sell products and services to your customers, right? If your brand has been known abroad, you are bound to make international shipping eventually. When it comes to that, do you think you can let the shipping go without any information about the parcel, shipping method, and shipping destination? Of course, we can’t go without that and that’s why we need to use bill of lading template. What is it used for exactly? Give us the chance to tell you here since it is quite necessary to know about.

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Receipt for the Evidence of the Shipment

It is bill we are talking about here. As the name suggests, you should be able to tell that the bill of lading role includes it acting as receipt of the cargo you sent. It then becomes the evidence if you ever need insurance and custom purposes for the shipment. Of course, it also acts like the proof to delivery completion for the customers. It pretty much helps both the sellers and the buyers. So, you will need to consider using this bill in your business. Any business will do as long as you sell things.

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Carriage Contract of Carrier and Shipper

When it comes to shipment, there are more people involved without you knowing it. Carrier and shipper are the ones included. As per what has been discussed between the buyer and the seller, the carrier and the shipper will make an agreement for the shipment. Then, the shipper will become liable to have the goods sent to the carrier. That agreement they make is what the carriage contract exactly. It is where the bill is used to serve as one rather than going without physical evidence at all.

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Name of the Goods Ordered by Buyers

The bill will always be entitled with the name of the stuff shipped. For sure, it is always related to the case of the buyers’ order. It might seem trivial at first, but we won’t know what’s shipped unless we open the package ourselves. With the bill of lading document, we will be able to know the name of the goods upon receiving them from the carrier. That way, there won’t be any mistake of which package goes to where during the shipment and delivery. Now, you see it becomes pretty important.

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Proof to Complain for Anything Wrong

No matter how good the shipper and the carrier are, it does not necessarily mean that there will be no mistake accidentally and unintentionally made by them. In case there is wrong shipment though, the bill can be pretty much helpful for the customers to complain. They can use it as evidence to fix things right for sure. The shipper or the carrier will quickly act to do so too and get the right goods back to you as soon as possible. So, get bill of lading template and benefit much for your shipments.

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Bill of lading template benefits many parties involved in the transaction. It can act as all sorts of things too, like cargo receipt, carriage contract, etc.

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