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Billing Invoice Template Makes You Look Professional

A business-wise said that to grab customers’ attention is to impress them to what we have. The excellent products are not enough these days to impress them. Proper management is considered as another factor to gain it. By applying invoices, you can have a client communication and an accurate record keeping. Any business, whether it is a large or small one, will get more benefit from it. A billing invoice template can serve better management of accounting.


A Professional Appearance Through Billing Invoice Template

To impress customers through the bill is a thing that a company needs to do. By using a correct billing invoice template, a company can see as a professional one. This is a good choice not only for large companies but also for small companies. A simple and easy to use template can be customized while it is also maintaining the professional look.

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Billing Invoice Template For Excel

Excel is an application of accounting that is very helpful for many kinds of business. The formulas that contained in this application provide the easiness of calculating the numbers. It can also apply to your invoice template.

  1. The Benefits of Using Excel for Billing Invoice Template

There are several advantages that you can take by using Excel for your invoice template. They are

  • Columns in Excel allow you to write what you need without creating tables. You write an additional term as you need.
  • It can calculate by itself with multiple large transactions in time. So, you don’t need to figure by yourself. Let’s the engine do it for you.

It provides you the formulas that may be helpful for your business calculations.


  1. Details You Need to Put in Your Billing Invoice Template

There are several details you need to put in it, such as:

  • Your company logo, name, address, email, and phone
  • Your customers’ identity such as name, address, telephone, and email
  • Number of the invoice, date, and your customer’s ID
  • Description of items, quantity, type, shipping quantity, and total
  • Instructions
  • Manager’s name and signature
  • name of packing man
  • Another essential information and the contact of the unwanted situation man/office

Those details can be written easily on Excel Document without creating many columns in a table if you use Word Document. After you fill all items with the orders, do not forget to convert it into PDF before you send it to your customers.


  1. Tips for doing an invoice

If you wonder to know how to cover your first time doing an invoice, below are tips to do it. 

  • Start with any number but not 001. You can start with number 1020, and it will be continued with the next number to make you easy to detect your first transaction.
  • Send a PDF on Email or mail since PDF looks more professional because it is not editable.
  • Write the Customer ID to get the impression that you have a busy and professional business.


If you want to make an easy and straightforward billing invoice template, a better choice is to use Excel Document and don’t forget to convert it to PDF!



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