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Biography Template and the Important Points to Be Included When Making One

Surely, you have heard about biography more than you heard autobiography before, right? Don’t mistake them from each other. Indeed, both are an account of person’s life. What makes them different is the subject of the story and the one who writes it. While autobiography tells about person’s life written by that person himself, biography tells about someone’s life written by someone else. Both templates must be different though. So, let’s see the important points of biography template below. Here we go.

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Introduce in Third Person Point of View

Before you start writing, there is one thing you should know beforehand. Basically, biography of one person is written by another, right? That is why biography must be written in third person point of view. Also, you must have decided which person you will be writing biography for. Once everything is ready, you can start biography with introduction first. Introduce the name of that person. It would be better if you give good picture of him/her in your first biography sections. The readers will be able to imagine about the person self then.

how to write a biography

Continue on by Telling More of His Life

Now that the introduction is done and the subject of the story has been known, you can continue with the biography. This time, you need to try reviewing his life. Starting from the person’s early life since the day he was born, the story goes on. Eventually, you will need to include his family life as well. It does not have to be too specific. After all, it is that person’s biography, not his family’s. If it is brief biography you’re making, then mentioning the name of the family members should be enough to tell who’s related to that very person.

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Mention the Major Achievements of His

Biography tells about one’s life, that’s for sure. However, if we think about it, the person whom someone writes biography about is typically an individual with decent achievements to be known. That is why biography layout must contain the achievements of the person you are talking about. If there are just too many of them, you can include only the major ones. If there is still some space left, you can add more. Makes sure to add the year of the achievements obtained throughout the course of that person’s life in the biography too.

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Include Interesting Facts About His Self

Once you are done with the achievements, it is the time for you to include the interesting facts about that person himself. Each person must have his own interesting qualities that differentiate him than the others. Find one or more about him and it will make good ending for the biography. More or less, these are what you need to include in biography template. It is usually short with basic facts and important, but it can be so long with way more details to be made into a book too. Consider the length before making one.

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Biography template tells person’s life which is written by someone else. It starts by telling his early life and ends with interesting facts about his self.

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