Sample Book Report Template

A book report typically contains a descriptive narration and an objective summary of the book. It also gives an assessment of the value of the book, and give recommendation for potential readers. In work fiction, a book report typically includes basic bibliographical information about the work, the author’s purpose, the readers’ opinion, the main element of the stories, key characters, and narrative and setting of the work. In other words, a book report is an objective summary of the main ideas and arguments that the author has presented.

The function of this form for the authors is to inform them about the reader’s responses including suggestion and developing critics. While for the readers, they can suggest the book for others. They can imagine the whole content of the book and give curious feelings for the potential readers. A book report also can increase book request if the summary and value are good.  But, the most important is, you have to write it objectively without any intervention and avoid personal communication problem to keep the quality of your review and assessments.

How to present a book report?

Even a book report doesn’t have any special format to present, but you have to write it in an ordered format to ease the readers and the authors read the report.

  1. Tell the book’s title

The important information about a book is the title. It is the most critical information to give a general description of the book’s content. To write a book report, you should write down the book’s title first before describing the reviews.

  1. Give the Author’s name

This part is to inform the readers and public society about the writer of the book. The authors’ image can give a supporting book request and especially for well-known authors. You can include a short educational history, the author’s jobs and experiences, current activities, and so on.

  1. Describing the book content

This includes the setting of the book, the themes, explaining the problem of the main characters in the story, and explain how the problems are solved. These points are to remind the readers about the book and give a general view for potential readers so they were more interested to read the book.

  1. Give your opinion

After describing all the essential elements of the book reports, now you can give your opinion of the content. Express your opinion in polite words even it is a critical point and included by a developing suggestion to support the authors and avoid a bad perception for the readers.

That’s all some information and guidelines for writing a good book reports. Please express your impression without excess expression and give an objective assessment in a polite manner. Finally, you can give some recommendation (or not) for the readers about the assessed book.


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