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How to Make Best and Personalized Bookmark Template

Forgetting the last page, you have been reading in a book is quite annoying. Because you need to re-read it and recall which part you have been read on. It will take a lot of your time. To avoid this problem, we recommend you to make a bookmark for the books. You can make it by yourself or using any printable bookmark template which available on the internet. For you who have several books to read, you can make more than one bookmarks so that you won’t miss any single part of the books. Bookmarks are also can be a marker for some elements in your favorite book. If you have a favorite chapter, quotes, poems, etc., you can place the bookmark on it so you can re-read them quickly.

Important Things About Bookmark

The bookmarks template can be fancy, simple, colorful, big, small, or anything as you desired. You can print it or custom it as anything you want. But before you make your bookmark, here we have some urgent thing that you need to consider about it:

1. The Bookmark’s Design

There is plenty of design of bookmarks that you can download on the internet. But if you have any personal taste of design, don’t be hesitate to apply it on your bookmarks card. Feel free to custom the appearance of it.

If you have many books, you can adjust the design as the theme of the book. So each book will have its bookmarks. If you don’t have any idea to the design, there are many of website which provides the free and printable bookmarks, and you can use them to design your bookmarks.

2. The Bookmark’s Material

Besides the design, you need to consider the materials too. You need to pick the materials carefully because it will affect the quality. Make sure your bookmarks made from the right materials so it will be durable but still slim enough to be placed between the pages.

We recommend you to use the materials like hard and laminated paper or the hard plastic. It is the most durable material for any craft and card. But if you are concerned with the waste issue, you can use recycled materials.

3. Don’t Forget to Add Some Tassel

Bookmarks should be easy to find between the book pages. But most of it is hard to find because the bookmarks are disappearing between the pages. So you need to add some tassel or anything that makes it more noticeable.

The easiest materials that you can add in it is a ribbon. Use the colorful ribbons to make your bookmarks more stand out. If you make the vintage or rustic for your bookmarks theme, we recommend you to add some wool threads or organic ropes.

That is about the steps to make the best bookmarks using the bookmarks template. The steps above are for a guide only. You can put all of your creativity and idea to make it.


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