Printable Car Loan Amortization Schedule

How to Create Car Loan Amortization Schedule for Variable Number Periods on Excel

car loan amortization schedule is needed for some good reasons. It is a table which is used to list periodic payments on a car loan over time, display the remaining after each payment is done, and breaks down each payment into interest or principal. Here are several steps to create car loan amortization schedule in Excel for a variable number of periods.

Car Loan Amortization Schedule with Extra Payments


Insert the Maximum Number of Periods

First, you need to input the maximum number of payments that you will allow for any loan. For example, you can set the maximum number of periods from 1 to 360. Then, you need to leverage the AutoFill Feature of the Excel to allow you to insert a series of number periods quickly.

Use IF Statements

You also need to limit the calculation of the actual payment number for a certain loan when creating a car loan amortization schedule using Excel. You can do it simply by wrapping all the formulas into a single IF statement. You will be able to check whether the period number in the current row is equal or less than the payments’ total number by using the logical test of the IF statements.

Hide Numbers of Extra Periods

You can hide all unused periods made before by creating a conditional formatting rule. It can be done simply setting the font color of the table into white. Make sure that you apply it for any rows just after you make the last payment.

Create a Loan Summery

Last but not least is creating a loan summary on the online car amortization schedule. It will help you to see the summary information faster. Just add a couple of formula at the top part of the schedule.

Online Templates of Car Loan Amortization Schedule

If you are new in creating the car loan amortization schedule, you can rely on the online templates. Several websites such as offers online template designs to help you create the schedule instantly. Not only car loan amortization, but you can also find some other amortization loan samples on the website. They include quick online loans, same-day personal loans, no-interest personal loans, and more.


Creating a car loan amortization plan on Excel can be completed in several steps. However, you will be able to create the schedule in a much easier way by using templates that you can find online. The templates come with many designs and features to allow you to create the schedule in many fun ways.


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