Cease and Desist Template

Cease and Desist Template and Some Detail About It

Have you received kinds of a cease and desist letter from the court? Well, if your answer is yes, it means that you are in the alarming situation. It is the evidence that you have done something wrong or other faults. In this occasion, we will talk about the cease and desist template for adding your knowledge and try to know some details of it.

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What is the Cease and Desist Letter?

Before talking more about the detail of cease and desist template, you need to know the meaning of the cease and desist letter. Yes, knowing about the definition is essential in order to have enough knowledge about it.

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The cease and desist actually is a legal order sent by the court or the government to an individual or a business, who are indicated doing something wrong, illegal activity or unfair practice toward someone or something. By the use of the letter, the authority forces the addressee to discontinue and to stop something wrong that they have done.

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However, in its practice, the cease and desist letter is more common sent to the business agents when they are found doing illegal practices. After getting the letter, the court will call them in the name of lawa in order to hear their saying about something they do.

Some Reasons to Write the Letter

Of course, the court or government have a huge and important reasons why they send the cease and desist letter to someone or the business agent. However, to make it clear, we will try to explain some reasons why the authority sends the letter. Some reasons why they send the letter are:

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To stop invasion of privacy, stalking and harassment

Harassing is a bad thing doing by the personal. It will disturb the privacy of someone. When you find someone doing this matter to you, there is law managing about this matter. You may make a letter to the related authority.

To stop copyright and trademark infringements

The copyright infringement is a serious fault. This matter is illegal matter, especially for the business. The business agent who does this matter will find their new problems. They will get letter that is saying about their fault and they need to stop what they do in exact time.

cease and desist letter copyright infringement

To stop breach of contract

When someone make any contract, of course they need to obedient about the agreement reached. However, in contract, there are some breaches happening inside the contract. Well, here, the use of cease and desist is needed. The letter will be effective to stop every breach inside the contract.

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Well, there are some functions of the cease and desist letter. However, besides looking for the kinds of cease and desist template, you also need something important. Here, you also need the hand of lawyer when you are using the cease and desist letter. A common fault done by many people is they do not hire a lawyer to help them.

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That is all about the cease and desist letter. For the example of cease and desist template, you may do online and get it.

cease and desist template will help you making a legal letter in order to stop some kinds of illegal things doing by the business agent or individual.

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