Sample Commercial Invoice

Commercial Invoice Template as A Proof Between Seller and Customers

This document is prepared by the seller and must contain all the core information needed. It can be used for different purposes. The sellers and the buyers should be on the same page about how and when to give these out as well as how to fill them up correctly. They also need to have important information about the documents so that they can be prepared whenever these documents are asked for.

Templates Commercial Invoice Custom Decleration Example


Commercial Invoice is The Important Document that You Need to Provide

In doing the transaction, this document is essential to make your transaction smooth. By having this document, you will be helped to do a better transaction no matter what your role is whether you are the buyer, seller, importer even exporter.

1. Reasons why the commercial invoice template are made and used

Since the documents deal with the sellers, buyers, exporter, and importer, the commercial invoice plays a crucial role to deliver the goods in the destination places. As an exporter, you can use it to support insurance claims, grant programs, and loans. By having this, it allows you to get faster transactions to present requirements. While the importer can use it to fund for payment through the bank to the seller or exporter. Without a commercial invoice, the bank may refuse to fund your requirements.

Both the buyer and the seller can use it as proof for items you buy or sell. It is beneficial for financial records and accounting purposes. The official commercial invoice will help you in serving an insurance claim on a particular shipment. Moreover, it can bind a contract to the transaction made and in some countries, it can be used as a key requirement in import licensing procedure.

2. The Information you need to present in the invoice

There are several important information you need to provide in the commercial invoice such as:

  • Full name, postal address and contact details of the seller as well as contact details of the buyer. It will be shipped along with the goods or merchandise
  • Date of issue of the invoice, reference number and the number of the ordered items
  • The description of the goods, including any numbers, quantities, marks, types, and weight.
  • English detailed trade narrative of the goods.
  • The price and currency of the items.
  • If there are any discounts and additional charges, you need to verify the prices in the invoice.
  • Time and method of delivery and payment.
  • The original country of the shipped items.
  • Shipping means and the route.
  • Date and reference to the contract number of sales.
  • The time, date and place where the goods have been sold.
  • A signature and date signed.

These items are important to make a template. Keep in mind that make sure you have the original document of this commercial invoice as well as how many other copies are needed by both buyer and seller.

Although it is quite complicated to make a commercial invoice, you need to know that this document is crucial to have to do the trade.


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