Concept Map Template

Concept Map Template and Its 4 Types of the Map to Choose Depending on the Needs

There are many kinds of tool to help you in the learning process. They are usually there to make things easy for you to get the lesson into your head. Sometimes, learning can even be fun with them. Among those kinds of tool, there is concept map template to consider. The map explains something through important points that are connected to each other within one theme or topic. Even in itself though, this map varies by some types and they serve for different needs. So, let’s see them below and see just how different they can be.

Working Outwards with the Spider Map

Compared to other types of concept map, this one is particularly easy to make. You work from the middle, putting the main concept of all in it. Then, you add concepts, ideas, and all the necessary information by working the map outwards. It is pretty much organized in central way. However, since it is that simple, it is just easy to read. It helps a lot to memorize important points too. Many teachers like to propose this map for their students to use in their learning. It is worth giving a try.

Chronologically with a Hierarchical Map

We can’t use spider map to draw sequenced points though. Rather, it is better if we use hierarchical map itself to begin with. As the name suggests, this map has definite pattern and goes by sequence. Usually, you will have to put data of the earliest time at the top. Then, after the general idea, go down to put the more specific ones as the time follows. That makes it hierarchical, indeed. Learning about history would be easier with the map for important dates and events have to be remembered.

Working Linear Way with Flowchart Map

Each template of concept map has different approach to use. This time, this flowchart map is one that works things out in linear way. As a result, you can get the data organized in very orderly and logically at a time. That’s what makes them easy to read. Now, that’s what makes learning so much fun to do. You won’t find it boring anymore, for sure. If it can help you that much, you shouldn’t think twice of applying it to your lesson. Both teachers and students will surely find it very helpful.

Very Much Detailed with a Systems Map

The last concept map template you can consider goes by the name systems map. It is the most complicated one of all, but it is very much detailed and complete. It is because this map includes just all possible data in the map. Not to mention, all of the relationships between them are even included within. Well yes, you will need to use critical thinking to learn with the help of this map here. However, it makes just the perfect map to go with if you need to learn just about everything.

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