Contents of a Simple Invoice Template

Having a business is quite frustrating if every work is complicated and unorganized. Making a simple invoice is very helpful for your business without any unnecessary complications included.

Invoice is a document issued by a seller, given to a client after a business transaction is concluded to give the client details about payment. It contains the products or services delivered by the seller or business to the client. It also contains every important detail of the transaction of the said goods or services. In short, an invoice is a payment request to the client. There are a lot of simple invoice templates out there to give you a clear example of it.

How do you make a good and simple invoice?

Making a simple invoice is quite, well, simple. All you have to do is making sure that every aspect that needs to be recorded from a transaction is included. Also, make sure that the invoice does not contain any unnecessary details. Any unnecessary details would just confuse and overwhelm the client. To make sure you know what to include in an invoice, refer to a simple invoice template when you are making an invoice. The things that are needs to be included are as follows.

  1. Your business’s information details are important to include so your client can contact you if they need to change something with the order or making a new order.
  2. Your client’s information details are important because sometimes you need to contact the client, be it because something went wrong or because you need to ask for payment.
  3. The invoice number needs to be included so you can organize your orders and customers.
  4. List of the goods or services with each description and cost so everything can be transparent to the client. Transparency can maintain the client’s trust.
  5. Total cost including taxes or discounts needs to be included and paid a lot of attention to because that is the amount that will be paid to you by the client. Make sure every additional fee or discount is accounted for.
  6. Payment methods to pay for the cost. Do not forget to discuss it beforehand with the client. More options of payment you have the better.

Those are the contents of a simple invoice. When making a simple invoice, you need to make sure that you have enough information in the invoice without overwhelming the client with too much information. Find a simple invoice template that covers all of the information needed without including any unnecessary information.

Simple Personal Invoice Simple Sales Invoice Simple Blank Invoice Simple Business Invoice Simple Commercial Invoice Simple Contractor Invoice Simple Job Invoice

You can include a few customizations to your invoice as well. Customizations can make your invoice stand out and give the client more incentive to pay you for your service. A charming design for your invoice can also make it better. A few colors here and there do not hurt anyone as long as it is still in an acceptable dosage. Just make your design as good as it can be, without having too many details.

If you can follow and complete all the steps above, then that’s it. You can enjoy your new simple invoice.


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