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Promotion strategy that is often used by marketing is making and distributing coupons to customers. Indeed, this strategy can attract the attention of customers even more so if your product is a newly released product, then the possibility of customers finding out your product will be higher.

If you don’t know what a coupon is, a coupon is one of the marketing tools commonly used by companies. The way the coupon works is when the customer shop for your product, the voucher will be used to redeem the discount according to the amount stated on the voucher. Then later the price paid will be deducted with the discount obtained from the coupon.

The marketing team certainly needs a concept and design for the coupon to be distributed to carry out this marketing strategy. Therefore, the coupon template may be an alternative reference for making design templates. Besides that, with so many choices available online, it can make it easy to find the model that is by the wishes of the company.

The coupon will provide valid information relating to the product and company of the product. Such as the validity period of the voucher, terms and conditions, and maybe the address where the product is available.

How to Create a Coupon Template on your own

If you are the owner of a specific product, a coupon can be an attraction to the products you sell. Having an attractive coupon design template is also one of the things to think about when making a coupon. The following are steps in making your coupon:

  1. The first is to specify the application to draw what you will use. If you want a simple and fast one, you can use paint or word.
  2. Next is to make a rectangular box for the coupon form. This form is the most suitable size, and it will be easier to process when printed. Actually for the coupon size problem depends on the cost that you have prepared. However, the form of great coupons will be more natural to attract attention.
  3. Then, enter the logo of your company or brand, this step is, of course, significant to make it easier for customers to identify who gave them the coupons and what kind of products offered. Don’t forget to put the name of the company too to be more remembered by the customer.
  4. The next step is to enter the discount value that your company will offer, and this needs to be written clearly. For example, a 15% discount for all purchases, or a 20% discount for a minimum purchase.
  5. If there are terms and conditions when using the coupon, you must also write such as the validity date of the voucher, or the validity period of the voucher or the coupon is only available for a certain amount.
  6. To make recording more comfortable, you can add a coupon code at the bottom of the voucher.
  7. If all have been checked, you can print the coupon.

Promotion is one of the essential things in the marketing strategy. One development that is often used is giving coupons. Coupon template can be a reference to look for the latest design designs from coupon templates.


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