Diamond Size Chart

Diamond Size Chart: How to Make the Choice Properly and Avoid Misconception

Are you secretly looking for the right ring to propose your sweetheart? Or are you two planning on married soon so you look for the right together? Either way, you need to know how to choose the best ring properly. After all, there is misconception among people when it comes to that. If you want to make proper choice, you should learn what the misconception is and what to do to make the choice. Looking at the diamond size chart is important, but you need to clear up some things first. It is if you want to choose the best ring properly.

Carat Weight Misconceived As Diamond Size

As you might have known, carat is the weight measurement for gems and diamonds. Unfortunately, when the people look at the diamond, they tend to think that the bigger the diamond, the heavier the weight is. This is not true, so don’t be deceived by the look only. 6.5mm diamond and 16.0mm sapphire would both weigh 1.00 carat. In this case, the gemstone affects the weight. So, you can’t really rely on what meets the eye only. It is not the only misconception when it comes to gemstones.

The chart of diamond size might show you the size and the price options of the stone, but even the size does not determine the price for the chosen diamond. The diamond is actually priced based on the so-called 4 C’s; color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. Yes, there is more to it to name the price. Since it does not even help to know the carat weight, you better get away from concerning yourself with the size. Small gemstone could value more with better color, clarity, cut, and such. So, pay attention to the details to find out the price.

Choosing by Considering the Necessary Stuff

Now that you know what to avoid when choosing the best diamond, you must have been wondering what we can really do to make the best choice, right? There are the 4 C’s in the diamond stone chart to pay attention too, but we need to consider our budget as well. In fact, you need to put it into your top priority. After all, we can’t really buy the diamond if we don’t have enough money. After the budget, you need to consider the balance between the weight and the quality. Why is it important?

Bigger diamond would make reasonable ring to buy with good combination of color and clarity. That’s what makes excellent quality to offer. Still, not all women prefer big ring for their wedding. Look at the diamond size chart once more and you can find all sorts of smaller choices worth to take into account. Besides being less expensive, they usually have well cut center stones. They look pretty and would make good impression on women. Now, you see that the size is not everything when choosing one. So, focus on what’s important.


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