Disciplinary Action Form

Disciplinary Action Form and The Kinds of It

For some fields, especially the business needs, the discipline is very important thing to think. Yes, with the high discipline, of course the business could run well and the target will be able to reach in the certain time. In this occasion, we will talk to you about the disciplinary action form, which will be useful to control about the discipline matter in the business needs.

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Still talking about the business needs, when the employees do some faults or showing a low productivity, of course the business roll will be disturbed. With the form of the discipline, the problem of the low productivity as before will not happen again.

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Purpose of Disciplinary Action Forms

In talking about the detail of disciplinary action form, it is important to know about the purpose of the disciplinary action forms. By knowing the kinds of the purposes, of course you will be understood the importance of the forms.

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There are several kinds of the purposes, which you need to know. The purposes are:

  • To document any incident regarding the behavior of employee

Employee may do some faults in their working time. Of course, as the company, you need to list their behavior in order to make an evaluation. The evaluation itself is quite important. By the wise evaluation, the bad behaviors could be corrected and the employee will act as they should be.

  • To emphasize equality and consistency

As we have said before, the discipline is very important in order to increase the productivity. Here, the second purpose of the form is to emphasize the equality and the consistency of the employee. With the detail form, of course the employee will know what they need to do and they will be more focus in doing their jobs

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  • To use as reference for the future action

Another purpose of the disciplinary form is as the reference for the future action. Yes, it is an important point when we are talking about this matter. Here, the form is able to create the mission of the employee about what to do in the future condition, so the company is able to survive.

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Since it talks about the future action, of course it also tells about the planning. By this fact, the form will be useful to make the ways of action of the company becoming clearer. Of course, the company is still able to change the plan when there is a different condition happening.

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Kinds of Disciplinary Action

Especially for the business needs, there are some kinds of the disciplinary actions to know. The kinds of the disciplinary action are used based on the level of the fault made by the employee. Seeing the kinds of the disciplinary action is important in order to help you making the right disciplinary action form. The kinds of it are:

  • A verbal warning with an explanation, which is commonly given when you see the employee does something wrong. It is the first level of the warning and there is no consequence.
  • A written warning is the second kind of the disciplinary action. It is the second level and commonly given when the employee still does the fault after you give a verbal warning
  • A final warning is the last warning for the employee. This matter commonly happens when the employee still unproductive and does some faults, although you have reminded them many times.
  • Dismissal means the cutting time. When the employee still does many faults after the final warning, there is no reason to keep them in

That is all about the disciplinary action form. Go online to know the examples of it.

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disciplinary action form is important, especially for the business field. With the form, of course you are able to control the deed and the productivity of the employee.

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