Dodd Frank Summary

Dodd Frank Summary and Some Important Information to Know

The Dodd Frank becomes the important document for the business field in America. It is the revolution and reformation of the financial matter, as the solution of financial crisis of 2008. The former US president, Obama, signed this document in order to control the financial condition in his country. By this fact, it is important for us reading the Dodd Frank summary today.

By reading the Dodd Frank, we could see the real condition of America’s financial condition a decade ago. Then, we also could learn about the business financial concept in order to make a good financial position. By the good financial position, of course the business that we are running could be run well and there is no big problem happening there.

The Dodd Frank itself actually is a complete document. It has around 2,300 pages. Seeing the total pages of the document, we may assume that the document tells about the detail matter about the financial strategies. However, we will talk about the summary of it here. Reading the summary could be the alternative to know the main points of the Dodd Frank.

Summary of the Dodd Frank

As we have said before, the Dodd Frank is the documents about the new business and financial regulation and also the new scheme of protection for the customers. This document has been released a decade ago and it was used as the weapon to control the financial crisis.

The name of the Dodd Frank was occurred after the congress. The name came from the two congressman that have significant thoughts in summarizing the document.

Points Inside the Dodd Frank

To know more about the detail of Dodd Frank summary, we need to know the points inside the document. The Dodd Frank tells at least eight main points, which are arranged to make the world safer.

Here, we will talk about a brief of it in order to make you know more about what the Dodd Frank is. Please see some following writings below.

  • Overseas Wall Street

The Wall Street is a very important part for the business needs in America. Yes, it is an international share market, which has significant control for the world’s financial condition. In order to decrease the crisis, Dodd Frank tells that the Wall Street should be developed.

  • Stop banks from gambling with the depositors’ money

The cause of the crisis in 2008 is the gambling for the banks with the depositors’ money. The banks try to make investments with the money of depositors. By the investments, of course the banks hope that they could increase the money. However, there are risks inside the investments and the banks are not ready to cover it.

  • Regulates risks derivatives

Another cause of the financial crisis is the derivatives. The Dodd Frank tells about it and the solution of this problem is the new regulation. They tell about the new regulations inside the detail of Dodd Frank summary.


That is all about the Dodd Frank summary. Of course, to know what the documents tell about, reading the complete document is more interesting to do.


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