Sample Door Hanger Template

How to make a good door hanger template

The objectives of caution or warning are to obeyed by people who read it. But the problem is, sometimes people hesitate to read because of the un-eyecatching design. It will affect some break ruled behaviour of some people, and they are not well informed about what you want to deliver. Hanger template also can be used as a decoration for your door or your bedroom. You can choose the desired design by download on the internet or, you can create your own desired door hanger template design.

Door Hanger Template


How to make a good design

The primary goal of your door hanger template is to noticed by your targeted people. So you can choose a colourful design, simple, and understandable. Or if you want to make it as room decoration, you can adjust your plan by considering the size, the door/wall colour, and so on. So, it will make it eye-catching and elegant.

Door Hanger Template

  1. The template design

You can found many templates design on the internet. You can choose which design suit your personality. Or if you have your design, you can apply it to your plan. You can go to a customizable shop hanger template designer to adjust your desired models.

  1. The template colour

As we explained earlier, the main goals of hanger template are to inform people what you want to inform. By choosing the right colour people will be noticed what you want to tell about.

Door Hanger Template

You can choose a soft colour such as pastel, white, pale grey and so on. So, it will make your template looked better. But if you feel doubt, you can adjust your colour design to your hanging object.

You also can adjust the font of your templates, so it will be readable but elegant by everyone who sees it.

  1. The templates materials

After you found your hanger template design and colour, think about the elements you want to use before printing out.  The selected materials will affect the durability of your template.

Door Hanger Template

Please consider the materials based on the place you want to put your template. You can choose a semi-gloss paper and synthetic paper (polyester) if you are going to put it indoor area.

  1. Right Place

The last but not least of the door hanger template is the place where you can put it. You can choose a place where many peoples can see it. Such as in the front of your café, in your door, or front of the bathroom or you can put it in another private area such as a bedroom.

That’s all about some information you might to consider before making a hanger template. There are so many ways to make it. You can search for free template design on the website, or you can create your design.


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