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DuPont Schedule and The Way to Make It

Today, there are many companies, or maybe almost company, apply the specific working hour for their employee or the specific number of days each week. Well, this matter is applied and used to stabilize the working of the company, so the company could run well. In this matter, we will talk about the DuPont schedule and some information about it.

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Well, as we know, some companies apply the traditional 8 hour shift with total 5 working days a week before finding the more flexible and better schedule. Well, the detail of it also becomes the part of DuPont strategy. The DuPont commonly uses the 12 hour rotating schedule.

hour shift schedules for days a week

Here, the DuPont strategy show another working hour style, which could be considered. The detail of the DuPont strategy in talking about the working hour, are:

  • 4 consecutive night shift schedule with at least 3 rest days in the first week
  • 3 consecutive day shift schedules, 1 rest dat and then 3 3 consecutive night schedules for the second week
  • 3 rest days and then 4 consecutive day shift for the third week
  • 7 consecutive rest days for the fourth week

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With the kind of the details DuPont schedule, each employee will get an average working hours around 42 hours each week. This kind of the employee working hour strategy became the option after 1950s.

Dupont Schedule Template

Characteristic and Definition of DuPont Strategy

There are some characteristics and definitions about the detail DuPont schedule that you need to know. Knowing the characteristic of this strategy could be the well matter in making the schedule. Well, some kinds of the characteristics, are:

  • The plain ID is a unique code, which will be useful to identify the shift planning to the employee
  • The name of the shift plan should be included inside the document
  • The applicability refers to the kind of the target of the shifting plan
  • The shift refers to the different shift that you make based on the pattern
  • The repeat cycle refers to the number of days by each team

dupont shift schedule

Kinds of Rotation

In order to make a good rolling schedule, the rotation is something that you could do. In this case, there are some kinds of the rotations, which you need to know. The kinds of the rotations, which will make the DuPont strategy runs better are:

  • Rotating shift pattern, tells about the rotating system from a shift to another one based on the specific pattern
  • Forward rotation, tells about the condition when a team rotates a shift later in a day to the earlier shift in the next day
  • Backward rotation, tells about the condition when a team rotates an earlier shift to the later shift in the next day
  • Fast rotation, tells about the rotation in every couple day
  • Show rotation, tells about the condition of team having the same shift in more than a week

hour rotating shift schedules examples hour shift schedules for days a week hour rotating shift hour shift schedule

Well, that is the kind of the rotation of the shift. By knowing the matter, of course you may make better and clearer shift for the employee. That is all about the DuPont schedule that you may learn. Please go online when you want to know about its examples.


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