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Free Employee Training Schedule Template

An employee training schedule template will help you to do your task much easier. You can review the competency of each employee while you do not need to make the whole list in the first place. This is free and downloadable so all you need to do is filling the blank space with the name of your employee. Sample training is necessary. It will help your employee to grow better with the company.

Employee Orientation Training Schedule Template


How to Make an Employee Training Schedule

After you download the employee training schedule template, you need to do several steps to make a good training schedule.

#1 Set the objective

You need to ground the goals and objectives of the training itself. The good thing is that the printable employee training schedule template would not require you to make the table from scratch. Make sure the goal and objectives are specific, relevant, and achievable.

# 2 Make a plan

The next thing you need to do is make the training plan. You need to make a plan that consists of things to do by your employees and it should be completed in a series of time. The target could be daily, monthly, annually, or anything you like. But you should take the first point above while making your plan.

#3 Be specific

When it comes to specification, you need to highlight the characteristics of your employees. The training should address the skill, attitude, and knowledge of your workers. Training helps you to understand your workers much better while they also know what things to do in a given time. It is recommended to give the combination of various aspects so everyone could get the benefit of it at the most.

#4 Materials and resources

Do not forget to make a list of the materials and resources you need to provide so the training would turn out perfect. All you want is employees that match the requirements of your company. The training should make them achieve the goal of the company. You may use several techniques and methods.

After that, you should implement the training plan so you can evaluate the results. Using a free employee training schedule template will help you manage anything needed.


While training is important for your employees, a training plan is another important thing you need to think about before giving the training. To prevent the overwhelming feeling, you need to make a plan and schedule. Using the employee training schedule template will save you time.


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