Printable Employee Work Schedule Template

Free Employee Work Schedule Template

Do you need an employee work schedule template for free? Well, we have anything you need. In general, all of them are formatted in A4 paper and available in excel and word files. You can make it by using Microsoft Excel. However, if you do not have time to create it from a blank page, you can use the printable employee work schedule template from us.

Download Employee Work Schedule in MS Word


Why You Need Employee Work Schedule

The main reason why you need an employee work schedule template is that you know any information related to your employees along with the shifts. It also helps you to monitor the overtime when it comes to calculating the labor costs and so on. It is easier to take a quick peek to the employee schedule anytime.

“9-to-5” work schedule

The most common work schedule is called the nine-to-five. This schedule requires the employee to work from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. The day and time are varied though. Some companies require their workers to work from Thursday to Monday or from 8 am to 6 pm. Those depend on the company and job description for sure. Using a free employee work schedule template will help you to keep a track on many aspects.

Shift work schedule

This type of schedule is also common for companies that apply shifts. The shifts are varied and we also call it a rotating schedule. Retails, transportation, medicine, security and other similar careers implement the shift hours. This schedule will require them to work four to five days a week and two days or three days of free time.

Part-time and full-time work schedules

In general, a full-time employee works for 40 hours a week even though there is no legal law about that. Meanwhile, the part-time employee works for fewer hours in one week. Some companies also accept part-time workers for certain aspects. Still, this thing needs to be monitored by using employee work schedule template pdf so you know their schedule in the first place. Using the schedule will help to prevent overtime and if you were, you know how much to pay.


Since most templates are free and downloadable, you can use it as you like. Some of them may come with a free trial period. Still, the numbers of free ones are higher after all. So, if you need an employee work schedule template, feel free to use the free ones.


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