Essay Outline Template Printable

Nowadays, writing an essay is not for competition only but it has already become part of a school assignment. If you are a student, you may be familiar with an assignment of making essay based on several topics listed by your teacher.

Not only for the school assignment, but college student must also be the one who always meets an essay assignment every day as an essay writing is an essential part of learning in college. Some college also usually require a student to make an essay writing when they apply for college.

Another Benefit of Essay Writing

Essay writing can be a way to teach students to think critically and organized. An essay consists of ideas that appear and then developed with arguments supported by facts. Usually, before making an essay, it is crucial to make an essay outline to help them compile the ideas so it will be easy for them to broaden it. Essay outline template available online will be helpful to you.

The type of Essay writing

What it is written in an essay usually made for the purpose. That is why there are different types of essay writing depend on what’s the purpose of the writing. Here are the types of essay writing:

  1. Informative Essay

This type of essay will provide writing that only lists down facts. It is usually written in an informational way as it will explain the topic. It also states fact and statistic followed by the examples to make it stronger.

  1. Narrative Essay

Different from the informative, this type of essay tells the story that develops a story from someone’s life experience. This type may seem easy but some writer ends up failed to deliver the story as they find it easy to write about themselves.

  1. Compared and Contrast Essay

This type of essay is usually written to compare two things and to prove which one is more superior. It also can clear up a misunderstanding statement that is going around. It determines the differences as well as the similarities.

  1. Argumentative Essay

The argumentative essay uses to persuade readers to have the same thoughts as the writer by providing credible citations. This type of essay involves more research as the writer need to get actual and correct information.

  1. Persuasive Essay

If the argumentative essay aims to persuade the readers, the persuasive one is to convince the reader to take the writer’s point of view. This type of writing needs to state the facts and cite it from credible sources. The purpose of the persuasive essay is to help the writer communicate clearly and to tell the reader why their point of view is correct.


The steps to write an Essay Outline

An outline is needed when you write an essay to guide you in writing the content. Here are the steps to write an essay outline:

  1. Decide the topic and identify the purpose
  2. Make an outline or the broad idea
  3. Identify who is the audience of the essay
  4. Develop the argument or thesis statement
  5. Do research for your topic
  6. Decide and write down the structure of writing the essay
  7. The first section is for the introduction
  8. The second is for the body
  9. The third is for the conclusion

The essay has been part of the school assignment as it helps the students to think critically and structured. To help in writing the essay, essay outline template is needed to get the best idea for the essay.


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