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Ease Your Work with an Event Planner Invoice

To be in the business of an event planner is a seasonal business. Sometimes it would make tons of customers. Sometimes it would just be another dreary day. In busy seasons, such as different dates (like the recent 9-9-2019 and 19-9-2019) and holidays, event planner jobs might get quite overwhelming.

Why do we Need An Event Planner Invoice?

Event planner invoice holds a crucial role to ease and regulate the event planner jobs on those busy days. Without any helping instruments to note and control the client’s needs and demands about their events. Keeping track of those events in working days would be a hellish job to do.

Using an event planner invoice, the event planner can easily keep track of events, prices, client’s needs and demands, and other administrative dealings. With those dealings are well taken care of, planners can focus on living up the client’s celebration of happiness and satisfaction.

What are the Contents of an Event Planner Invoice?

To make a proper event planner invoice, one needs to know what are the contents and details of a proper invoice. The list is as follows;

  1. Name, address, and contact details of your client.

Client’s details are essential for the invoice. Any updates or obstacles that need to inform to the client are a regular thing in an event planning business. Not having your client’s contact is a spell for disaster.

  1. Name, contact, and details address of your business.

Yourself, the client also needs your contact details. The client usually wants updates on the project’s progress. Besides that, the client also sometimes want to change a thing or two from the event’s detail.

  1. The current date.

Indicates the start of the agreement and is essential to determine deadlines and expected payment.

  1. The date which you expect to pay.

This is one of the essential parts of the invoice. It’s crucial because the client sometimes forgets the things they hear at the agreement so that they might need a constant reminder in their copy of the invoice.

  1. Preferred method of payment.

The preferred approach should be discussed and decided together with the client.

  1. Description of the work you perform.

The part does not have to be overly detailed but needs to be clear about what you’re doing. For example, “wedding planning” or “graduation party planning.”

  1. Cost of the service.

Cost of the event planner invoice needs to be the precise total of every service, including taxes.

Templates of lots of invoices easily found on the internet, and it also works if you want to make an invoice template of your own business or company.

Creating a management instrument like an event planner invoice would seriously ease up on the event planning job. With it, any position on event planning will be well-managed and can seriously minimize the number of mistakes occurring in the project.


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