Printable Excel Construction Schedule Template

Free Excel Construction Schedule Template

Excel construction schedule template will help you to see if the work has been met the determined timeline or not. As its name suggests, the schedule is created for construction works. It should be made after an agreement between several parties such as a contractor, clients, and workers. It is also used to remind the deadlines of every payment transaction.

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Why You Need It

You need an excel construction schedule template because it helps to keep a track on the entire operation. The main goal is keeping the progress of a construction project works like the timeline. You may not be able to make it your own because it will involve your client and your worker. If you build a house then you need to consult with the designer as well. A competent person should monitor the progress of the project after all.

Construction schedules

Generally, everyone could create a printable excel construction schedule template but it will save time if you just download a template from our website. It commonly is a list of all activities needed to perform during the entire project duration. It covers the steps of the process so the quality of work is well-maintained.

Construction Project Schedule Template Excel

A downloadable excel construction schedule template can also be used for the acquisition of materials which are part of the project. The schedule may state the name of all people involved, the venue, and the work process in a timeline. If needed, you should make a payment schedule as well.

A payment schedule is similar to an excel construction schedule template pdf. A person should pay according to the agreed date and time.


Having a schedule allows everyone involved to be more organized. Since construction is teamwork which needs steps, a schedule will make everything much clearer. Since we are using an excel document, you can cover all the points in one document. Even a downloadable template can be customized according to your requirements.

The good thing about excel is that you can use the equation function. Since a construction schedule may require numbers and you may change some other times, excel construction schedule template free will automatically do the math.


If you work in the construction field, please use a schedule to make things more organized and in accordance with the timeline. Feel free to use our excel constructions schedule template to finish your work and manage your employee.


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