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Expense Report Form to Make with Simple Steps to Record Everything in Microsoft Excel

People live their life spending money for all sorts of needs. Employees for example, do need to make many expenses for lodging besides their daily meals. There is variety of expenses people make in life and sometimes you will have to make report to let others know. Expense report form helps you be aware of your spending. Even employers can benefit from it as their expenditure report. Since it is important for both parties, let’s see how to make one below. It does not have to be so complicated.

excel expenses template

Open Excel Sheet and Put Information in

When it comes to anything requiring calculation, there is nothing better than Microsoft Excel to help us. You don’t need to look for online template or anything like that. Just open Excel spreadsheet and you have the space to type things on right away. If it is for workers to use, you can have the firm’s name on top. Type it along with your name and time period as well. These are what we mainly need to put on this part of expense report template. Of course, it is not everything and there is still more.

excel expenses report

Name All the Sections Just Below the Top

We still have to work on the top here. Just below the firm’s name, your name, and time period, you have some sections to name. Those sections should include Expense, Type, Date, and Amount. You don’t need to use the same names, but it is alright if you choose to use them. It is just that they are the standard for this template we are talking about here and they do represent the important points of the report. Even with just four sections, it’s enough to make the template on your Ms. Excel sheet.

business expense report template

List Down Everything You Spend Money for

Now that you are done with the name of the sections, you need to pay attention to the Expense one. This part of the report tells you the name of the things you’ve spent money for. So, list them all in this very expense report section. Also, you need to make sure that you list them all in chronological order. Listing them in random order will only make things difficult for all sorts of reasons. It takes your time to find particular thing for example. Surely, it would be better if we can find it quick, right?

business expense template

Add Total Amount of the Listed Expenses

Of course, you need to fill in the Type and Date sections as well. Determine the type and mention the date along with each row of the expenses. Once you are done with everything, don’t forget that you still have the Amount section to fill. By the end, you need to add the total amount of everything. It is simple since with Excel you can just add the formula and get them all totaled. Expense report form more or less contains these sections. Then, do print it out and submit it to your own employer.

employee expense report templateexcel expense report template

Expense report form can be made easily with Microsoft Excel. Make table with title, name sections to fill, and add total amount with Excel formula.

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excel expense reportexcel expense template

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