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The Best Recommended Free Wedding Program Templates

Free wedding program templates information maybe see as the minor subject but is this thing has played a critical role to succeed the wedding day. The wedding program has a specific function to give information about the activity, the order of service and what is taking place during the wedding ceremony to your guest. The information below will explain about the free wedding program template and how to make it.

wpdm wedding program template


The Summary of Wedding Program

The wedding program is for the wedding ceremony is purposed to appreciate the guest by giving thoughtful gesture and souvenir. In the wedding program, you must provide them with enough space for your wedding program information and write it as formal as possible. The following information in this article will inspire you to create your wedding program.

How to Make The Wedding Program from Template

1)    Configure The Theme and Dimension

The first thing you must do to make the wedding program is by entering the free wedding program templates section and configure it related to your wedding need. Usually, online wedding program creator offers the various .dimension and themes for the wedding program. Select one that fits your wedding plan and once it appears on the canvas, you can entering the editing tools section for further configuration.

wpdm wedding program template


2)    Tell Information With Catchy Images

Next thing you can do is to make the attractive appearance of your free wedding program templates information. You can choose the various theme for the background image, colour, texture and another element to make perfect wedding program. The template served them such as traditional type, artistic type, modern type and many more theme for wedding program creation.

wpdm wedding program template


Do and Don’t To Make Wedding Program Template

1) Do to Wedding Program Template

Make it the free wedding program templates easy to read and understandable by the guest. Print it in the formal format and extra copies to distribute it to guest equally. Make enough space but keep minimalist in the font size and the content writing in the wedding program.

wpdm wedding program template


2) Don’t to Wedding Program Template

Don’t create the wedding program template with the informal language and complex form. This will show seriousness and make it easy to understand. Incosistency in the details of the content is something that should not be done.

wedding program template


The aspect of Wedding Program

  • The Cover

The cover is the front page of the free wedding program templates information that includes information about the date and name of the wedding couple. Furthermore, it also inserted information such as the location, time of wedding ceremony, design element, and picture. Make it the cover show your wedding program personalisation and make it wedding program match with your theme.

wedding program template


  • The Order of Events

The second element of the wedding program you must include the chronological list of the event that will be held in the wedding ceremony. Consider listing the information in the format of game, time and location. Commonly the free wedding program template information is including the greeting section, prayers, exchange of vows, wedding tradition, the pronouncement of marriage, handshake event, music performance, etc.

wedding program template

The wedding program is the best way to let guest to know the information about what to expect in the wedding ceremony and the free wedding program templates can make it happen. Wedding program template is to help you to make your wedding program easy to read and logical format. The best wedding program you make can be the wonderful souvenir and guide for your guest also for a personal keepsake for you.


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