Genogram Template

Genogram Template and Ways to Make It

Have you heard about the genogram? Well, for the common people, they are unfamiliar with this word. However, for the medical reason, patient will know things about the genogram, especially for those who are suffering from the serious illness. Yes, in common, genogram is used for the medical reason. Here, we will talk about the genogram template and ways to make it.

The common question occurring is about the meaning of the genogram. Yes, genogram is a chart that shows the gen-relationship inside the family. I am sure that it could be used to inform about the generation inside the family and to make a clear statement about the family history.

However, as we have said before, the genogram mostly is used inside the medical field. This chart is used in order to know the source of illness, especially in treating the serious-generational-illness, as diabetes or others. By making the genogram, the medic will know where the illness actually comes.

The Genogram Templates

When we are talking about the kinds of genogram template, we are sure that you will be able find many kinds of it. Yes, there are many templates of the genogram inside the internet. You may find the free template of it and you could edit to write the data of you there. Of course, you also could make it by your own.

Something that you need to know is there is no exact template of the genogram. It means that you are free to make the design of the genogram. Showing creativity here is allowed but the most important matter is you state the information about the family generation clearly.

Creating Genogram Templates

You are able to make your own genogram template using the Microsoft Words. Well, in making the genogram, there are some steps to know before. The steps are:

  • Figure out the reason why you need to make it

For the first, it will be good when you figure out the reason why you need to make the genogram. It is not technical but it will be helpful to make you focus thinking about the data of family

  • Complete the data

The second point is completing the data. You need to write down the generation of family. Please make sure that you also write about the years of birth, so it will be easy in arranging. For the medical reason, it is also important for you to know the serious illness happened in your generation. Of course, you need to ask your family to make it clear

  • Choose the related graphs

Microsoft Words provide many graphs, which could be used in making the genogram. Here, you may see the kinds of the graphs and then choose the related graphs, as you need. When the graph was found, you could start filling the data.

Here, you could start by arranging the data based on the years of birth and the family relation. After it, try to determine the illness happened there, especially when you make the genogram for the medical need.

Well, that is all about the genogram template and the way to make it. Of course, we know that genogram is an important document to know the relation inside the family. You may go online in order to know more and get its examples.


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