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How to make a Creative Graphic Design Invoice

Graphic designing can conduct as a freelance job. As a graphic designer, you will always in call for unlimited request to create a creative design to advertising the clients’ products. So, you need a Graphic Design Invoice to calculate how many they should pay. To generate this invoice, you can use many computers tools such as Microsoft words or excel with various exciting templates. For the example, you may include invoice number, your company address, and the detailed service you did. And of course, the total payment they should make as the basic template. The color selections also hold important rules to attract clients’ interest. For commercial use, you can set it editable and customizable with A4 paper size and using business standards fonts. Using auto calculation by Excel will help you not manually to calculate the payment amount.

Templates Graphic Design Invoice Example


How to Make a Creative Design Invoice

You might be asking how to make a creative graphic design invoice. Meanwhile, you are not a graphic designer, or you just been asked by them to make it. So, here are some simple tips about how to make a good graphic design invoice.

  • Select the template

A graphic designer, you must be excellent in creating a template. You can create it by your own creativity or as your client request. Choose or create a simple one and make it easy to read. Don’t put too much unnecessary information in it. The business font usage is also important to make a professional template in general.

  • Color selection

To be creative isn’t always colorful. The right color design will give your template an added value. Please avoid too much color or strong color. A pastel, pale, or nude is the best choice to create your template. Those colors are relatively “eye-care,” so the reader won’t feel pain in their eyes while reading. Put a maximum two colors combination to add some different ambiance effect in each color.

  • Set it customizable

Commercial use, the editable format template is important. Imagine when you set it un-editable, your clients couldn’t change anything in it includes the payment number. So, a customizable graphic design invoice is highly recommended to create. You can make it in Word format and downloadable.

  • Information includes

Explained in point 1, too much put unnecessary information isn’t a good way. However, too little information is also not a good choice. As an invoice designer, you have put the necessary information to inform your clients the detailed service or product they use or purchase and the total payable amount. In general, you should include the date of the invoice made, the invoice due date, your company address, and your client address. Description (contains the total amount of goods or service they used), quantity, and the total amount should be paid.

So that’s all of the information about some tips to create a good graphic design invoice in general. You can add other specification in term of different aspects


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