Sample Handyman Invoice Template

Guidelines to Make a Handyman Invoice Template

A handyman invoice template is a simple and convenient tool for handyman after done their jobs. A handyman can record all of the cost occurred during the working process. It can be made editable, so they can easily change the number or other formats if necessary. The general form of handyman invoice consists of:

  • The list of services includes all of the handyman jobs provided such as repairing, painting, plumbing, etc.
  • The number of work hours is the total hours’ handyman spent during the work process until finish.
  • Names and number of employee is a list of the total number of handyman’s employee, so the clients can know who is contributing to the jobs.
  • Date of the job is the information about when was the job start and finished

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Those general forms give some benefits for both handyman and clients. As a client, you will know the detail work process, the total payment detail, and how many hours they spent actually. For the handyman, they can know who is contributing to the job, how many resources needed, giving contact information which allowed you to be contacted when necessary.

Some Guidelines To Make A Handyman Invoice Template

After knowing some basic information of handyman invoice template, we will let you know how to make a simple and elegant form of handyman invoice.

  1. Put the detail information

As explained earlier in the article, some basic information of invoice should be included. For addition, you can put some miscellaneous expense in the payment detail, so the clients can be billed properly.

  1. Invoice number

Don’t forget to always include the invoice number. This is will ease you to check it when necessary. Then, your contact also being something mandatory to be included. This helps you and your clients to avoid some misunderstanding when occur. The contact included also can be a promotion way so they can easily recall you when needed.

  1. Recheck it before post

After finish developing the invoice, please make a double check to avoid some careless misunderstanding. You might put too much unnecessary information or a too little information, so, you can change or edit it before certainly give it to your client. An additional logo of your company also can be interesting additional information.

Eventually, those guidelines are just a suggestion. Don’t be hesitate and feel free to put available information. You can also search for more example of handyman invoice template on the website as the reference. You can make it by yourself using any tools in Microsoft, such as Words, Excel, and using any format like PDF. Don’t forget to set it customizable and downloadable to be more easy to use.


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