Hardship Letter Sample

The Introduction About Hardship Letter

Hardship letter financial is the medium for explaining personal financial trouble to a creditor. The letter also requesting the specific loan depends on the particular situation involved. The message also well knows as the lawyer brief. To get started to learn more about the hardship letter in this article.

Hardship Letter Template

The Cause to Make Hardship letter

The best hardship letter should use circumstances that make it you get the loan return in the long duration. Its involved any troublesome change in your life that made you challenging to return the loan in the exact time. Furthermore, it also includes the variable cause such as unemployment, job transfer, reduced income, medical emergency, etc. Read on about the letter in the information down below.

The Main Information of Hardship Letter

  • The Personal Information

The hardship letter document must contain the personal information the loaner that include the loaner name, correct address, and phone number. Its also stated the information the loan detail such as the loan amount, equity, loan value, etc. Make sure you are not adding false information because it can impact you to get sued by the lender.

Hardship Letter Template


  • The Financial Situation Explanation and Solution

The letter also must contain the real reason why you are failing the current payment process. Furthermore, you can give an overview of your financial situation as proof. Lastly brief the outline plan of your desire to resolve the payment issues and prevent foreclosure.

Hardship Letter Template


The Important Thing to Know About The Hardship Letter

  • Negotiation Medium

Hardship letter can be used as the negotiation medium that can be used by the borrower in the loan workout or the modification. The note has the meaning as your bargaining position in the loan process. The hardship letter was generally outlining your financial distress and the reason why you failed the loan payments or requested the extra time for the payment process.


  • Plan and Request Statement to Pay

The hardship letter context will help you convince the loaner to modify your loaner and trust you able to make the future payments related to loan modification context. The letter is also containing your planning to making the amount. Because of that, you should provide the specific cause of missing loan payments and the solution to solve it.

Hardship Letter Template

Tips For Writing Hardship Letter

  • Stay Short and Personal

To make the best hardship letter writing you should keep it in the short format by strict to the point. It’s suggested having the message on the one page to make it essential to read. Furthermore, personalize your letter including you and your family condition and problem and shared it as the fellow human being.

Hardship Letter Template


  • Clear and Complete Information

In your letter, you should summarize the specific financial situation that being the reason for you to write the hardship letter statement. Provide more detailed financial that related to your economic explanation. Furthermore, it suggested attaching evidence such as the invoices, income tax statement, etc. to make the reader trust and understand your situation.

Hardship Letter Template


The hardship letter is the critical document needed by the most lender that requires loan work out options. The message will explain the problem which has caused to fall behind the loan. The letter gave a significant point to help you stop from foreclosure and loan workout.


Hardship Letter TemplateHardship Letter TemplateHardship Letter TemplateHardship Letter TemplateHardship Letter TemplateHardship Letter TemplateHardship Letter Template

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