Help Your Client Estimate with a Sample Estimate Invoice

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To give your client estimation about what to expect at your business, give them a new heads up in the form of a sample estimate invoice about the pricing in your business.



An estimated invoice is a little bit different from the other invoices. An estimation invoice is NOT a request for payment. While any other invoices act as a request for payment and help a business to get paid as quickly as possible. An estimated invoice only shows the products and services of a business with each cost. An estimated invoice also includes shipping charges, taxes, and discounts. A sample estimate invoice gives a business the right idea about how to make an estimate invoice.


An estimation invoice is usually issued and sent to a potential client earlier than a usual invoice. It is sent before the transaction and even the order form the client takes place. This is because a sample estimate invoice acts more like a sales proposal, which means that the operation may or may not happen.


What Are The Functions Of An Estimate Invoice?

An estimated invoice is different from the other invoices, and that means the functions are quite different too, despite some similarities. The functions of an estimate invoice are as follows.

  1. As a piece of information about the products or services ordered by the client.
  2. As the information on terms and conditions of the payment.
  3. The client can change their order if there is anything wrong or unsuitable with the product or service.
  4. A valid referral if the product is to be sold again.
  5. Keeps tabs and records on customers and their orders.
  6. Useful to help in the taxation business.


When Do We Use A Sample Estimate Invoice?

Estimate invoices use in two conditions.

  1. The product or service needs to be paid up front. Some things need to be paid up front, so an estimate invoice can help the client to make sure they understand the payment before ordering anything.
  2. The sales have a big chance to happen. Sending an estimate invoice can be a subtle payment request in some cases. This occurs because the transaction has a perfect opportunity for taking place.

In a sample estimate invoice, it may seem similar to a usual invoice. The most noticeable difference is the date. An estimated invoice is sent to the client. Before the transaction happens, while a usual invoice dispatched after the product or service is delivered.

After the transaction is taking place, you need to make sure you send the client an invoice to substitute the estimated invoice. After the purchase and payment are complete, then both the invoices can be kept as a record of the sale.

Templates Invoice Example Templates Basic Service Invoice Estimate Example

An estimated invoice is a different type of invoice. While the other invoice acts as a payment request, this invoice does not. Instead, it gives the client a precise estimation of what to expect when purchasing from a business. To make your sample estimate invoice, be sure to find the one that suited your business the most.



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