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The Importance of Hotel Invoice in The World Of Hospitality and Tourism

As one type of business with a significant level of profit, the world of hospitality must be equipped with a hotel invoice. In addition to maintaining service credibility, adequate infrastructure, and visitor comfort priorities. The transaction system mechanism in the hotel is still an obstacle for several parties, including vendors, personal visitors, and even from the hotel.

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The ownership of a detailed and proper invoice in its structure makes it easier for many parties in the transaction system. Especially for hotels that are domiciled in crowded tourist areas. Which incidentally every day must have more than 100 people the number of guests. Receptionist services cannot be satisfactory in terms of effectiveness and time efficiency provided with a reasonably complex hospitality system.

In this case, the hotel invoice plays an essential role as the central pillar of the system and mechanism carried out by the hotel. Every detail of services and facilities used will be recorded in full in an invoice and the amount of the tax bill. Sometimes famous hotels receive many foreign guests from abroad, of course, people like them need special treatment to be able to enjoy hotel facilities.

Some Hotel Invoice Issues

To avoid potentially unwanted things, hotels must have proper invoice documents. When the hotel is too negligent to think about invoice documents, they will be at risk of losing customers.

1. Not equipped with precise total transaction details

Not equipped with precise total transaction details that make customers confused, and the information contained in the invoice document is not easy to understand because it is not to the point.

2. Not include the tax costs

Does not include the tax costs that must be borne by visitors, thus making the cost swell suddenly, which sometimes makes visitors feel cheated.

3. Information about discounts and promos

Information about discounts and promos that are not clear that make visitors expect too high, so it does not control the level of their transactions.

3. Not provide a flexible payment method

Does not provide a flexible payment method especially with digital conditions and the number of visitors from abroad who want to stay.

Some of the lists above is an example of invoice-related problems are often encountering in some cases hospitality that occurs. It has become a mandatory menu for hotels with star classes and many foreign guests to develop their systems.

Hotel Invoice is one thing that is forgotten because it is considered as the final part of a transaction at the hotel. Though from the results of the last operation will affect the convenience of customers to visit again next time. With a bright and functional invoice that will make the customer feel comfortable being noticed and entices the customer to come back in the future.

In addition to being a proof of transaction, a hotel invoice will also be a portfolio of the hotel. Intended to assess how credible or competent employees and companies are in running the system. When a hotel offers excellent service, and adequate facilities will make a good impact on the hotel itself.


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