Printable House cleaning schedule template

House Cleaning Schedule Template to keep it Spick and Span

Without a proper house cleaning schedule template, cleaning a house might be a difficult task. House has so many things to be cleaned, while the occupant often times has no enough time to clean it all. People tend to use a cleaning service or a housekeeper. But it could drain your money. Simple Cleaning Schedule Template could help you manage your time. So you don’t have to use a cleaning service and end up saving your money.

Blank House Cleaning Schedule


Partition the Cleaning Schedule

A house might be too big to be cleaned all in one time. So, it’s best to split the house’s part on the schedule. For example, if you clean the house once a week, you could take turns to clean the part of the house. For example, in week one you clean the living room. Then the second week you clean the kitchen. And then the third week you clean the bedroom, and so on.

Daily House Cleaning

If you are a housewife or a housekeeper, you might need a daily house cleaning schedule template. By using the schedule, you could manage the cleaning activity in neat and seamless activities. You could clean the house’s part in order so there’s nothing to be skipped. The schedule also keeps you do things in continuation without disruption. As far as you stay to obey the schedule, the house will be clean in time as it targeted.

House Cleaning Checklist

Adding a cleaning Checklist into your house cleaning schedule template could help you. You will easily notice what cleaning jobs are done and what to do next. If a room is not that dirty, it could clean it fast and seamlessly do the next cleaning. There’s no delay to recall what room hasn’t been cleaned yet. It’s also tiring to go back again in the room that you’ve been cleaned. So, keeping the cleaning process in a checklist is significantly helping you to get the job done faster. Especially if it is a very big house.

Strategy to clean the house

Before making the schedule and the checklist, it’s a good idea to formulate the strategy first. You have to calculate how many areas are needed to clean. Then, you could also predict the challenge and trouble that you might face in the cleaning process. Then you could make the time estimation, and put the cleaning task in a list and schedule. It could also be prepared to set up the correct equipment. You might need extra chemicals to clean the stubborn stains on the kitchen and bathroom. So, implement the strategy on the checklist and the house cleaning schedule template so that you could keep the house spick and span in ease.


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