Income Verification Letter

Income Verification Letter and Some Details of Its

Have you heard about the income verification letter? Well, for some people, maybe this matter is still awkward. However, it is an important document, especially for those who need verification about the income. As usual, this document is used when you try to find the new job, rent some apartments, try to get credit, or others.

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As its name, the document is used for the verification needs. By the verification, of course, other people could know the detail of the income. This verification is important to gain the trust of such as company, for example, when you want to ask credit or others. Well, that is the reason why talking about this document is important for you to do.

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Types of the Income Verification Letter

In talking about the detail of income verification letter, for the first, you need to know about the types of it. Yes, there are at least two types of verification letter about income, which you need to know. By knowing the types of it, of course, you may learn it better.

The types of verification letter about income are:

  • Self-written verification letter

The first kind of verification letter about income is the self-written verification letter. Here, you will have no option and choice, but you may write the letter by yourself. Here, something that you need to know is you need to add the letterhead in making the verification letter about income by the self-written idea.

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In the another hand, you also need to add some information telling about your detail work inside the company aside from the salary that you get. Then, to complete this verification letter about income, you may add some attach documents in order to strengthen the facts inside the document.

  • Verification letter was written by the employer

When you want to make the verification letter about income by yourself, you may ask this document from the employer. Of course, you also need to give the reason why you need the detail of the verification letter about income.

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When the verification letter about income is coming from the employer, the document will be completed automatically with the letterhead. Then, it also gets the stamp of the company, so the verification letter about income will be more official. The letter will have some important information as to its contents. Then, you also may see the signature of the employer in this kind of verification letter about income.

Steps in Making the Verification Letter

When you want to make an income verification document by yourself, you need to know some guides of it. The guides in writing this letter are:

  • Start by writing down about the detail contact information in the very top of the letter
  • Give the explanation about its purpose
  • Starting writing by giving polite greeting
  • Make a short introduction
  • Give the details about basic income
  • Indicate the additional income
  • Amount all of the income
  • Give thanks to the reader and to the target that you will give the letter
  • Type word ‘enclosure’ below your name
  • Add the disclaimer if needed
  • Signature the letter and give the complete name

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Well, that is all about the income verification letter you may read. Go online to get examples of it.


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