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Infant Feeding Schedule Helps Your Little One Grows and Develops Healthily

An infant feeding schedule helps the parents to manage the care for the little one. The infant is still needing enormous care and help from the parents. The infant might not get up in the middle of the night as frequent as a newborn baby. But they still need immense nutrition to grow and develop well. Their immune system is also not as strong as an adult. They need more nutrition to have the energy needed to fight illness. The nutrition should be well calculated and implemented in a feeding schedule.

Infant Feeding Daily Schedule Template


Breast milk first

Until the ages of 6 months, the mother ideally gives breast milk and nothing else. Formula milk could also substitute breast milk, but many experts suggest that breast milk is better. Besides the better mom and child bonding, the nutrition of breast milk is also better. There are natural substances that cannot be synthesized on formula milk. The Infant feeding schedule shows that breast milk should be given for eight to twelve times for a day. It means, the feeding should be given every two to three hours. It’s important to keep the baby well fed. The breast milk is the only food the little one gets.

Infant Feeding Schedule For Daycare


Signs That the Infant Ready to Eat Solid Food

Infant could get introduced into solid food when the ages are about 4 or 6 months. After the little one reaches six months, they could eat solid by some signs. These signs will make sure they could accept and process solid food well. The infant has to be able to keep his head in an upright position steadily. The baby also has to be able to sit upright in support, as an infant chair. Another sign is that the baby is weighed at least 13 pounds. And the last sign, extrusion reflex also has to be lost, or the food won’t be swallowed well. Before applying the Infant Solid food feeding schedule, these conditions have to be met.

Infant Feeding Schedule Template by Age


What food is suitable?

If the baby shows interest and signs to eat solid food, your little angel might get solid food safely. It’s recommended that solid food has to be soft and easy to swallow. The digestive system of the infant still could not accept complex food. So, give them a single ingredient food. It’s recommended to give meat to replenish the iron that breast milk starts to lose after the prolonged breastfeeding. Other soft foods are bananas, peach, pureed sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce, and pears. As they get older, they might start to eat harder and more complex food. If you entrust your child into daycare, make sure they understand the Infant feeding schedule.


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