Job Acceptance Letter Sample

How to make a good job acceptance letter

A job acceptance letter is a formal confirmation from an employee to his boss or manager to place a new position or a new job. It commonly happens in a workforce to replace the employee’s position with another one or called job rotation. But, even you well considered to accept the job, it will be better if you do not answer immediately. It is okay if you think for some days or 24 hours for a minimum. You may ask yourself whether you will have a good contribution and please consider your current position. It is to avoid the regret feeling after you accept your new position.

job acceptance letter

However, if you are certain to accept the job, you have to express your answer in courteous words. Impress your boss that you are the right person for this position. Check the format for your letter, don’t forget the grammar to avoid bad impression from your boss, consider sending time, and said that you are always available to be called.

Important things about Job Acceptance letter

There are some important points to describe your answer through the job acceptance letter. You can send by email or directly give it to your managers.

  1. Keep it brief

Your letter should describe all of the necessary information. Do not use a difficult sentence to show your answer. The most important is, you should briefly tell your accepted offered position and your final decision.

job acceptance letter


  1. Show your gratitude

Don’t forget to say thank you to your managers for the opportunity and trust you to place a new position. You can explain how you excite to accept their offering. The other way to show your gratitude is by informed that you are always ready to be called. you have to immediately respond. Is shown that you are really enthusiastic about this program.

job acceptance letter


  1. Sending time

After you are certain and finished your job acceptance letter, please consider sending time. Your boss might be changed his impression if you can’t show the attitude. Even your letter is great, it will be useless if you send it at midnight. The best time to send your letter is during work hour.

job acceptance letter


  1. The letter format

Express your gratitude in an organized way. Always start your letter with thank you. And then describe your grateful for the opportunity given, accept your job and organization, you can also tell the managers when you are ready to start your job, and the important thing, you have to know about term and condition in your new organization.

job acceptance letter

That’s all of some information about job acceptance letter. If you want to know further, you can search the example and free template form of this letter on the website. Don’t forget to check your grammar before you send the letter to your managers to impress them with your English skills.


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