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Discover The Knowledge About Landlord Reference Letter

Landlord reference letter document is the letter of confidence that designed for the former tenant to represent into the new landlord. The letter provides the reference of tenant rental history, rent payment, stating any violation to the rule during the stay. Get know more about the landlord reference letter in this article.

landlord reference letter


The Explanation about Landlord Reference Letter

Writing landlord reference letter is not hard and take much time especially if you have the tenant file as the background to write the letter. This letter is the confirmation from the landlord to their tenants about given property status in the particular date. To make it right let’s learn more about the landlord reference letter in this article.

The Key Element of Landlord Reference Letter

  • Tenant Information

The first thing you must put in your landlord reference letter part is the complete information about your tenant. The data includes personal information such as the name, address, and date. Furthermore, the condition of the rental place must be described by the landlord for explaining the reputation of the tenant.

landlord reference letter

  • Behaviour Explanation and Contact Information

Tenant behavior also the temperament must be described to see the tenant behaved and any complaint regarding it. The landlord reference letter explanation must include the information to give the projection about the tenant profile. Lastly, you must conclude your letter by adding contact information such as the phone number and email.

landlord reference letter


The Guide to Create Landlord Reference

  • Positive Content Letter

The landlord reference letter format must be made in a positive way to give the beneficial and prospective status between landlord and tenant to passing into the next landlords. But it’s not mean to write a false thing about the tenant because the future landlord can sue you. So if your tenant gave you so much trouble, it’s better not to write anything for the tenant and if it’s good to explain with well the tenant goodness to the rental place.

landlord reference letter

  • Do it Professional

Write the letter with a realistic and logic explanation to make it understandable to the future landlord. The description also must do in several indicators and describe the potential of the tenant. Furthermore, the professional landlord reference letter can make the confidence to the future landlord to strengthened the strategic connection.

landlord reference letter


The best way of providing Landlord Reference Letter

  • Phone Communication

To sending the landlord reference letter communication, you can use the formal method by phone call and gave it with the verbal statement. The phone call method is easy to do because the connection depends on the ultimate landlord question. The phone call is the flexible method to get in-depth information about the tenant and previous rental activities.

landlord reference letter

  • Fax and Email

If you are not preferred with direct communication with the phone, you can implement the landlord reference letter statement in the written format. You can ask the information about the email and fax of the next landlord from your tenant and then send the complete written letter. The written letter has the advantage to reduce the misunderstanding about the statement because of the comprehensive explanation and evidence in the message.

landlord reference letter

The landlord reference letter depends on the relationship condition between the landlord and the tenant. If the tenant is good for the landlord, it will be better to give the excellent return to the favor and vice versa. Most important of all the letter will show the quality tenant to responsible for their rental.


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