Letter of Authorization Sample

Letter of Authorization: The Four Types of the Letter and What They Are All Used for

Have you heard about letter of authorization before? We are sure that you can guess what kind of letters it is as the name suggests. Yes, to put it simply, it is the kind of letters that give someone authorization over something one someone else’s behalf. There are many types of it though. So, you might need different letter for different purpose. Let’s use this chance to find out about them. Then, you will know what to use for your needs. Now, let’s just get down to it in this opportunity below. There are up to four types of letter after all.

Travel Letter for Valuables and Belongings

As the name suggests, travel authorization letter gives permission to someone else to take care of one’s travel needs. To be more specific, the kind of authorities given to someone here is that of one to carry out their valuables and belongings. It is meant to be addressed to the travel department of respective airline. Make sure there are some details to be included in the letter. They are contact details, flight details, and passport details. If you find such needs, you should go with this letter here.

Medical Letter to Disclose Medical Needs

Other than travel letter, there is medical one as well. For this type of letters, you have to address it to medical authorities, of course. Here, all medical information needed will be disclosed. Also, there are terms and conditions that must be agreed upon. They include the detailed enclosure as well as the associated factors. For Medical Treatment letter though, it has to be addressed to the human resource department of the intended hospital. Then, you’ll benefit from medical treatment that is offered by that very hospital of your choice.

Third Party Letter for Variety of Transaction

The third type here is not that specific, like the medical one. This letter can be used for simply any transaction when any of the two parties declares third party’s authority. This is exactly when the third party authorization letter is needed. Its value and name have to be mentioned along with all the necessary legal aspects, like documents and the kind. Consider using this type of letters whenever you need third party to be involved in the process of transaction with the second party.

Short Sale Letter and the Short Sales Letter

With this letter of authorization, you can give permission for other individual to do particular work for you. Don’t mistake it with Short Sales letter though. For this letter, short sales program can be proposed. The deal will then be made between two companies once the program is accepted. The profit from the sales will then go to the sales company, of course. Now, you know which type to go for which purpose you need. Determine your own purpose first before you look for the type to use. Only then, you can benefit from the letter.

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