Sample Letter of Interest

Letter of interest is a document that must be made when we are applying for a job. Before looking at other materials such as CVs, diplomas, or value transcripts, recruiters will first look at how prospective employees are interested in the position offered through the letter of interest.

Why a letter of interest shpuld exist?

A letter of interest is used to support the resume that you have created and help recruiters ensure that you are eligible to be called an interview. Therefore, making a letter of interest needs to contain things that show that you are following the position offered. That way, the chances of you being called an interview will be higher.

The possibility of recruiters only skimming your letter of interest is very high, given that recruiters receive a large number of the same types of letters of interest. Then it would be better for you to make sure that your letter of interest is interesting when they first see it. Like no typos, use only one page, do not use unknown letters, and are printed on white paper and with black ink.

When you want a picture of a letter of interest to be used as a reference, you can see the letter of interest template available online. These examples can be used as a reference in making a letter of interest that matches the position you are applying for.

How to make a letter of interest

The work and organizational experience that you have obtained previously is not only described in a CV but also the letter of interest. The following are tips on making a letter of interest:

  1. Referred to specific people

If seen from the example of the letter of interest available online, most of them write specifically who the person will be addressed in the letter. Therefore, if you don’t know who the person is, you can make an effort by calling the company you are applying for and asking whom you should send the letter to.

  1. It has to be made sincerely because you are interested in the vacancy

Before starting to make a letter of interest, it’s a good idea to do a little research about the company. Write down how you know the company and become part of the company that will benefit you. Besides, highlight how you will contribute to the company. You can include hobbies and talents that support your career.

  1. The letter must be formal

The language used when writing letters must be structured. Also, focus your letter on your professional achievements rather than things that are not important to discuss.

4.Reread before sending it

It is essential to check double what you have done to make sure that there are no mistakes or things that have been missed in the letter. To be more convincing, you can ask for help from a friend to read and request feedback from the letter you have written.

A letter of interest is one document that is also as important as a resume. This letter is to show that you are interested in and capable of the position offered. A letter of interest template can be a reference in writing this letter.


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